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Midnight Sun Memes

With Midnight Sun out the Twilight meme rennaisance has taken on a whole new dimension. Are we excited?


The Wait is Over

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I remember reading the first chapter of Midnight Sun back in the day, and then almost immediately finding out that was it. Twelve years alter, does any of us know what to expect?



I’ve Only Known Edward for Five Minutes

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There’s no way his blood tasted good. Also, where is Carlisle Cullen now? I’ve gotta say, I didn’t pay that much attention to Edward’s death the first time, but it sure seems like a statement now.



Where Is He?

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How much Pattinson hated working on Twilight is a meme in itself, what are they going to do if they want to make a movie? Things are staying crazy in the Twilight fandom, that’s for sure.



Say it Out Loud

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Does anyone else remember the twilight parody where she’s like…. ‘you’re a mermaid’…. or did I hallucinate that?




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Y’know, Stephanie Meyer is shockingly chill for a famous author. She didn’t start a fuss about Fifty Shades of Gray, she wasn’t dramatic when she pulled Midnight Sun the first time, and now here it is.


You Don’t Have To

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I haven’t been in the Twilight fandom in a long time (no judgement), but I kind of feel like I have to read it. What am I going to do, just sit here wondering?


It Never Ends

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I kind of love that he’s going to be Batman. I don’t know if it’s gonna work out, but I just like watching it all roll out. I think it’s gonna get even crazier.


I’m Confused

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This guy really said I don’t want to kill this girl, so time to hang out when she’s as vulnerable as possible. Frankly, it’s one of the most yikes things about Twilight, but you’ve got to love the decision making.


Good Advice

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Iconic. I know I already said something about Spanish Flu, but it’s just so funny to me the idea of Edward’s first and only descriptor being that he basically died of Spanish Flu. He’s a vampire! I just like understatements.

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15 Funny Memes for All The Teachers Out There!

It’s National Teacher’s Day! Today we celebrate all the hard work our teacher’s do every school year, from teaching kids, to tutoring them, to offering helping hands and advice, and much much more. As someone who was a student for many, many years, (and a teacher’s assistant for much, much less) I can give a good guess at what it was like for all the teachers I had to actually teach my classes. To all the great teachers I’ve had, I say “Thank you!!” for all the help and care you gave me. To make things a little more fun, here are fifteen funny teaching memes that represent teaching life.

We’ve also recommended the perfect books for you or the teacher in your life!


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1. when you’re waiting for your rowdy class to just be quiet so you can continue teaching



image via bored panda

2. when another student asks a similar question that you just answered



image via bored teachers

3. when you want to move two students around but then it messes up your precise seating arrangements



image via edarabia

4. and when you find out that that one student you moved just talks to everyone



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5. when you just need your coffee and students constantly ask why you’re always drinking it


A memoir all teachers can relate to:

I’d Like to Apologize to Every Teacher I Ever Had: My Year as a Rookie Teacher at Northeast High



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6. when you’ve gotten too comfortable with summer break



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7. your students when they find out what your first name is



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8. when you have to haul home like 100+ papers to grade



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9. when you’re grading students’ papers


For when the stress of grading gets too much:

This Teacher Needs a Mother F*cking Beer: A Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults: A Funny Adult Coloring Book for Teachers, Professors & Teaching … for Stress Relief, Relaxation & Color Therapy



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10. what you tell your students on the first day of class



image via bored teachers

11. your transformation over the school year



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12. what a student tells you when they’re caught talking

If you want to see even more things that students say to their teachers:

I Did My Homework In My Head



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13. no response


For a giggle at the papers other teachers have had to correct:

F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers



image via education to the core

14. truth



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15. and finally: when it’s the last day of school and realize you probably won’t see them anymore

This book will probably make you cry because you miss that one amazing student that was super sweet:

a letter to my teacher


featured image via flickr