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Comedians Who Published Books that Aren’t Memoirs

Every successful comedian is approached to write a book at some point in their career. These are the ones that didn't write the standard memoir.

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Five Bookish Halloween Costumes Someone’s Gotta Try

With a week left until the big day, it’s time to iron out your costume. Here are a few based on books that break the mold a little (or a lot). But they’re mostly just straightforward to execute. Requiring things you probably have and very little explanation, try these outside the box ideas that’ll tell everyone “This is the one day a year I put down my book and leave the house.”



Queen of Hearts

Image via Good Housekeeping


The card ruff makes this so simple. Red dress, red lipstick, and a pack of cards. All you really need that’s strange is a little crown, which you could probably fake with tin foil or something if you’re anything like me. Of course you have to own clothes that are colors, so you can’t be anything like me, but it seems like a good, easy play.


Edgar Allan Hoe

Image via Copy Blogger


Who doesn’t like wordplay? Who doesn’t like sexualizing dead authors? Plus, goth thot has a nice ring to it, and he’s so distinctive. Slap on a raven and a fake mustache and everyone will know what you’ve done. The vest with no shirt horrifies me. Not for very cold climates! Don’t freeze out there for the aesthetic, even if it would be what he’d want.


Clark Kent

Image via Mixbook


Is this lazy? I don’t think so. You’ve gotta find nerd glasses, and you’ve gotta wear two shirts. Really you can do this with any superhero, except maybe Deadpool. What shirt do you have? Wonder Woman? Supergirl? Spiderman?! All set! The only thing you need is normal clothes. If you wear real glasses like me, though, I have no suggestions.



Fifty(ish) Shades of Grey

Image via Writer’s Flow


I know what you’re thinking, but you’re wrong – it’s not a pun, it’s word play. Plus, this costume has a lot of merits. Not only can you just wear your own clothes, the only element you need is the paint chips, which you can just walk in and take from anywhere that sells paint.


A Sexy Beetle

Image via Scoopnest


If you’re thinking, “does that briefcase indicate he’s a traveling salesman?” the answer is yes. That is a sexy Gregor Samsa – post transformation. It’s great, because if you know the book you might be genuinely appalled, and if you don’t you still will be! This one looks more like a cockroach than a beetle, but the choice is yours.




 Featured image via Moda Magazine 


7 Great Gatsby X Mean Girls Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

The Great Gatsby and Mean Girls are two very different but truly iconic films, the former of which, as we all know, is based on what is often regarded as the Great American Novel. There is just one thing better than each one on its own: putting the two together. If you don’t believe me, scroll down to see why they are a match made in meme heaven.




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Old Sport

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Jay Gatsby

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Benedict Cumberbatch tortoise

10 ‘Sherlock’ Memes That Will Get You Itching for That Fifth Season!

I will freely admit it: I love Benedict Cumberbatch. I am one of those people who finds him to be mega dreamy, and would love for him to come sweep me off my feet in some sort of romantic gesture. I’ve also been the butt of many jokes because of my fondness for the Sherlock actor; I’ve been sent a fair number of memes poking fun at his rather peculiar appearance. And I can admit it. He’s certainly got some interesting features, but I still think he’s the bee’s knees. 


I recently received one of these memes, and it got me thinking about sharing some of my favorite memes inspired by the BBC television show based around Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock. So here are ten memes for anyone who considers him or herself to be the biggest Sherlock fan on the block. Fair warning though, there might be a spoiler or two below. But honestly, it seems to take forever and a day to put out a new season of the show so I’m sure any fans out there will not have to worry about spoilers!


benny c

Without a doubt, one of the most iconic Sherlock memes | Image Via Bookbub




When Martin Freeman began sporting a mustache as John Watson | Image Via Bookbub




Sad Sherlock is sad. | Image Via Imgur




When worlds collide. | Image Via Imgur



mind palace

When you’re a very sassy and snarky, high-functioning sociopath. | Image Via Pinterest




Moriarty makes his physical health a top priority! We can all learn a thing or two from Moriarty! | Image Via Imgur




Of course, after he’s applied all that sunscreen, Moriarty likes to unwind and have fun at the beach! | Image Via Memes Pics 2018




Classic Benny C. meme Image Via Quickmeme



blues clues

Only 90s kids, amirite? | Image Via Deviant Art



makes sense

Their friendship is…complicated to say the least. | Image Via Watchtup



human movies

For every 10 memes, there’s a free 11th, and here’s my absolute favorite non-Sherlock meme featuring Benedict Cumberbatch. I couldn’t resist throwing it in here, because it never fails to make me guffaw | Image Via Imgur


So there you have it, eleven Sherlock memes for the price of ten! What a deal! Hopefully we can see a new season sometime soon!





Feature Image Via Metro