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Meghan Markle Pens Children’s Book Starring Her Two Dogs

On August 4th The Sunday Times reported that Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is reportedly working on writing her own children’s book. Rumor has it that a few of the royal family’s furriest members may be making appearances in the work as well!

The book will reportedly star Markle’s beagle named Guy, and her labrador-shepard mix named Bogart.


Megan Markle's dogs

Meghan Markle’s dogs/Image via The Cheat Sheet.


While the duchess isn’t known for her writing prowess, she isn’t exactly inexperienced. Markle served as guest editor to the September 2019 issue of British Vogue, where she published an editor’s letter.


Laverne Cox for British Vogue. Image via Tom + Lorenzo.


The recently published issue of the magazine focuses on influential women from around the world, and the Duchess spent seven months on the project. 

In addition to this writing credit, Markle also wrote the foreword to Together: Our Community Cookbook. This charity cookbook is a collection of stories and recipes inspired by the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire, which claimed 72 lives in in June of 2017.

Markle also isn’t the first royal to delve into the world of children’s literature. In 1980, Prince Charles published a children’s book titled The Old Man of Lochnagar


The Old Man of Lochnagar

The Old Man of Lochnagar/Image via Amazon.


The story starts somewhat unimaginatively, with Prince Charles telling a group of children the story of an old man seeking refuge in the cave of Lochnagar. The old man’s one desire is to take a nice warm bath, and the story follows his journey to get one, ending on a lesson about how one’s actions effect those around them.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has written several children’s books. Her first series of books, published in the 1989-1996, focused on the adventures of Budgie the Little Helicopter.



Budgie the Little Helicopter on British television/Image via CITV Wiki.


The success of Budgie’s stories launched a fruitful career in the world of both children’s literature and television for the duchess, and she now has several different series under her belt.

Considering Meghan Markle’s history of ambition, she could be looking at a similar future!




Featured image via Vanity Fair.

Archie Comics Congratulate Royal Couple on Newborn Baby

The royal baby is finally here!


Image Via EOnline


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle , the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, welcomed their first child yesterday, the seventh in line for the British throne. They named their baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. The name prompted many different reactions, but the most significant one came from one of America’s oldest comic book publishers.

Archie Comics took to Twitter to congratulate the birth of the newborn with a fun little tweet riffing off the popular ‘i’m baby’ meme:


It wasn’t long until #Archie and #RoyalBabyName started trending on Twitter. And with this tweet came plenty of funny reactions, most of which referencing the popular CW show Riverdale, based on Archie comics character Archie Andrews and his friends. Here are some of the best ones:


Not every tweet was about the Archie comics character. Some took it even further and referenced Archie Bunker from All in the Family:


One thing’s for sure: Archie may be prince, but Jughead wears the crown.



Featured Image Via ScreenRant

Duchess Meghan Markle’s Half-Sister to Pen Second ‘Tell-All’ Book

Samantha Markle, the half-sister of Duchess Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry, announced via Twitter than she will be releasing not one but two tell-all books about Markle.


“I couldn’t help but let it slip!” she tweeted. “There are actually two books coming out! In the Shadows of the Duchess I and II.” Samantha Markle, whose Twitter is private, added the “#April” and “#June”, seemingly indicating that the two volumes would be released in those respective months, the first of which is the month in which Meghan and Harry’s baby is due.


Samantha and Meghan are estranged from one another, and Samantha has repeatedly been accused of attempts to capitalize off her sister’s marriage.


Image Via ET Canada

According to ET Canada, the original title of the first book was The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister, referencing a nickname Samantha Markle uses to refer to Meghan, and was changed to In the Shadows of the Duchess.


Featured Image Via Marie Claire