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5 Popular YA Reads You Didn’t Know Were Adapted to Screen

Since the success of The Hunger Games film franchise, YA book adaptations have become increasingly popular. But not all book-to-screen adaptations do well, or even make it beyond the early stages of production. As such, some can fall under the radar. But no need to fear; we’ve compiled a list of five book adaptations you probably had no idea existed. Just because these films and TV series aren’t widely popular doesn’t mean you won’t love seeing your favorite characters on screen!

1. Delirium

Delirium TV show

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Delirium is a YA dystopian novel by Lauren Oliver, set in an alternate United States where love is considered a disease. At the age of eighteen, people are administered “the Cure,” where they are then assigned a partner with whom they will have kids and grow old. Lena Haloway has ninety-five days until her treatment, but after meeting Alex, a boy from the Wilds, Lena’s world is turned upside-down as she breaks the rules—and falls in love.

Fox was originally set to adapt Lauren Oliver’s beloved series into a TV series of the same name, but ended up rejecting the pilot and cancelling the show before it hit screens. Luckily enough, Hulu aired the pilot episode—starring Emma Roberts as Lena—on their platform for a limited time in 2014.

While the episode has since expired from Hulu, you can still find clips from the show on YouTube.


2. Maximum Ride

Maximum Ride movie poster

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James Patterson’s popular Maximum Ride series follows Max and her flock of other mutant kids, genetically modified to have wings and a variety of superpowers. They try to live as normal a life as possible, even as they are chased down by ‘Erasers’ and are recruited to help save the world, all while running from the people who experimented on them.

Despite the popularity of the book series, Maximum Ride the movie received little buzz when it was released in 2016 on Digital HD. It appeared on Netflix on-demand following its released, but has since been taken down.

While the movie is relatively underwhelming, it’s always fun to see your favorite characters onscreen. If you’re hoping to check it out, the movie can still be found on select providers such as YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon Prime Video.

3. Ruby Red


ruby red movie

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Kerstin Gier’s YA trilogy follows Gwyneth Shepherd as she unexpectedly travels back to 18th century. It’s there she meets Gideon, another time traveler who, as they journey through time, helps her discover who she can and can’t trust.

If you’re an avid YA reader, you’ve probably come across this series at one point or another. But have you heard about its 2013 film? All three books were adapted to screen…but in German. If you don’t happen to speak German—no need to fear! Ruby Red is still available on Amazon Prime with the option for English subtitles.


4. Throne of Glass

Queen of Shadows TV script

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Sarah J. Maas’ widely-acclaimed YA series Throne of Glass follows Celaena Sardothien, a young prisoner in the salt mines who is recruited by Prince Dorian to compete as his champion to become the next royal assassin. If she wins, she will serve the king for three years, before being granted her freedom.

Hulu announced they would be developing the series, Queen of Shadows, named after the fourth Throne of Glass book, back in September 2016, however, no new information has been released, leaving fans to speculate whether production has been stalled or even cancelled.

5. That Summer and Someone Like You

How to deal movie

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The 2003 How to Deal film combines two of Sarah Dessen’s YA books—That Summer and Someone Like You—into a single adaptation.

Someone Like You follows two best friends, Scarlett and Halley. Soon after the death of Scarlett’s boyfriend, Michael, she discovers she’s pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Halley begins hanging out with Michael’s best friend, Macon, whose reputation as a bad-boy gains disapproval from Halley’s mom. Over the course of the book, Halley must juggle supporting Scarlett through her pregnancy, while exploring her new relationship.

Meanwhile, That Summer follows Haven, whose father is getting remarried while her older sister Ashley plans a wedding of her own. But when Ashley’s ex-boyfriend re-enters her life, Haven must come to terms with the past, as well as the future.

How to Deal interweaves these stories into one, using the characters of Someone Like You with plot elements from both works. If you’re a Sarah Dessen fan eager to watch the film, you can do so on Hulu, Sling TV, and Amazon Prime Video.

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9 Books with Animal Sidekicks for National Pet Day

Don’t have a pet to celebrate National Pet Day with? Not to worry—we’ve got plenty! These nine reads, all complete with a furry friend or two, will make you feel a little less lonely this National Pet Day.

1. Fleetfoot – Throne of Glass

Throne of Glass

via amazon

If you’ve read Sarah J. Maas’ bestselling series, Throne of Glass, you’re familiar with Celaena’s dog, Fleetfoot. The series follows Celaena Sardothien, an 18-year-old assassin currently a slave in the Endovier salt mines. Dorian Havilliard, the Crown Prince, offers her freedom, but only if she competes to become the new royal assassin. If she wins, she’ll serve the king for three years, before earning her freedom. 

Fleetfoot is not only a fan favorite of the book, but is a cornerstone of friendships in the book; not only is she a gift from Dorian, but she’s also looked after by those in Celaena’s circle. If you’re looking for yet another reason to read Maas’ debut series, Fleetfoot is it!

2. Winn-Dixie – Because of Winn-Dixie

'Because of Winn-Dixie'

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Because of Winn-Dixie is a classic children’s book many of us have either read or watched the 2005 movie version. If you love dogs, and are looking for some nostalgic feels, this book is for you. Winn-Dixie is not only a friendly companion for ten-year-old Opal Buloni, but also teaches her to be brave and to face life’s challenges head-on. The book might be for kids, but its lessons about companionship and being a kid are timeless.


3. Hedwig – Harry Potter

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Naturally, we had to add Hedwig to the list. Gifted to Harry by Hagrid, Hedwig is a snowy owl that not only delivers mail for Harry, but serves as his faithful companion through thick and thin, and even fights in the Second Wizarding War. This is an owl with a lot of personality, and is probably one of the best characters of the series. Yes, Harry Potter is full of magic, good and evil forces, and a deeply-developed world that exists alongside our own—but Hedwig is the frosting on the cake!

4. Barf – The Merciful Crow

The Merciful Crow (The Merciful Crow Series Book 1) by [Margaret Owen]

via amazon

Don’t let his name fool you; Barf is actually a very lovable cat. 
The Merciful Crow follows Fie, a future chieftain of the Crows. Considered the lowest caste, the Crows are looked down upon, even as they are expected to remove the bodies of those who’ve died from the plague. After faking their deaths, Prince Jasmir makes a deal with Crow’s chief: if they help him take the throne from his power hungry stepmother, he’ll protect the Crows when he becomes king. After removing the supposedly-dead bodies of Prince Jasmir and his Hawk guard, Fie decides to take the royal family’s cat as payment for her work, thus naming him Barf. Considered to be a part of the family, Barf is viciously protected by Fie in the midst of finding themselves hunted by the Oleanders, their brutal enemies.

5. Shiloh – Shiloh


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Shiloh is a heartwarming children’s book and Newberry Medal winner centered around Marty Preston, who falls in love with a beagle near his home. When he discovers that the dog belongs to someone else—Judd Travers, a drunk who likes to abuse his dog—Marty decides to protect Shiloh at all costs.
Who can resist a story about friendship between a boy and his dog? If you’re looking for a book about loyalty, a dog, and a young boy’s golden heart, this one’s for you, whether you’re revisiting your childhood or reading Shiloh for the very first time.

6. Buttercup – The Hunger Games

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Everyone knows Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games, but do you remember her sister’s furry companion? While there’s animosity between Katniss and Buttercup, Prim lovingly cares for him over the course of the series. In a series focused on the brutal Hunger Games—a competition where two teenagers from every district fight to the death—it’s a wonder Buttercup manages to stay alive. By the end of Mockingjay, Katniss even manages to accept and get along with the cat, if only for Prim’s sake. 
If you’re eager to see Buttercup in action, you can read about him in The Hunger Games or watch him in the movies!


7. Patrick – Gone

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Patrick is Lana Arwen Lazar’s beloved yellow lab, the only prominent pet mentioned in the Gone series.
When everyone over eighteen suddenly vanishes, the children and teens of Perdido Beach are left to fend for themselves. As the kids struggle to maintain order and determine the cause of what they colloquially refer to as the “FAYZ,” some discover they have powers that grow stronger by the day. 

Lana is often suspicious of others and tends to keep to herself, with only Patrick for company. While many of the dogs in Perdido Beach are eaten when the kids start to go hungry, Patrick is left alive, if only for fear of Lana’s wrath. He is the first one that Lana uses her newfound healing powers on after he protects her from a mountain lion, and remains by her side for the rest of the series.


8. Starlight, Belle – The Saddle Club

Horse Crazy (Saddle Club series Book 1) by [Bonnie Bryant]

via amazon

If you were a ‘horse girl’ back in the day, you might remember reading The Saddle Club, a widely popular children’s series centered around three middle-school friends who ride at Pine Hollow Stables. When main characters Carole and Lisa help Stevie with a math project, it not only solidifies their friendship, but prompts them to start their very own club—The Saddle Club. 

Though the girls ride numerous horses, Carole eventually gets her very own horse, Starlight, for Christmas, while Stevie buys Belle. The series focuses on friendship, a love of horses, and juggling riding with school, continuing with Pine Hollow, which follows the girls into high school.

9. Total – Maximum Ride

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Despite being a dog, Total is as much a part of the Flock as anyone else. In a series centered around six mutant kids, all left with wings and various superpowers after being experimented upon, it’s only natural that their dog is as abnormal as they are. In The Angel Experiment, Angel saves Total from the Institute and brings him into the Flock. While Total might not have wings (at least not at first), he does talk, making him a fun and quirky character that provides some lighthearted relief to the trouble the Flock gets into over the course of the series.

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