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Marvel Is Coming to Serial Box

There are many different ways to enjoy Marvel comics. You can watch the films or cartoons, play one of the many video games or just be old-fashioned and pick up a comic and start reading. Even with Marvel mania sweeping the country, there are still some people who don’t have time to follow up on their favorite superheroes. Serial Box might have the solution to that.


For those that don’t know, Serial Box is a digital publishing company that specializes in “Serials”, long-form stories that are broken up into 10-16 individual installments similar to a television series. Once you sign up, you can subscribe to your favorite series for a small fee and get access to new instalments as they are released.


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Marvel announced that it is teaming up with Serial Box to produce episodic content based on some of its famous superheroes. Stories centered around Thor, Jessica Jones and Black Panther are in the works, with the Thor story being the first to come out. The stories will be available in both print and comic versions.


CEO of Serial Box, Molly Barton, expressed her excitement for the upcoming partnership.


“We are thrilled that Marvel is entrusting us to extend and expand the story worlds for these beloved characters. Our writer teams could not be more excited to share the new stories with listeners and readers everywhere.”


Will you subscribe to Serial Box for Marvel content?



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