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Marvel Won’t use Digital Double of Chadwick Boseman for Black Panther

In the wake of Chadwick Boseman’s death, a lot of rumors have been going around about the role of Black Panther. One of the rumors circulating, is a digital double of Bozeman will continue the role, but Marvel has shot down that claim.

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Victoria Alonso, EVP of Productions at Marvel, has confirmed the news. According to Alonso, Chadwick is the only Black Panther and he isn’t with us.  In the past, Disney, has faced backlash for using CG to resurrect actors. One of actors being Peter Cushing Moff Takin in Rogue One. So, Marvel is taking time to figure out the right way to honor Boseman in this role. Filming for Black Panther 2 was supposed to begin early next year so it could be ready for a 2022 release.
So far, no delays for filming has been announced and Ryan Coogler, writer and director for the films said he had no idea Boseman was sick. His death came as a shock to everyone and fans and his co stars are still mourning the loss. Letitia Wright, who played Shuri, Black Panther’s sister, isn’t ready to film the sequel. According to Wright, she is still mourning and filming the movie without Boseman will be strange. A Black Panther sequel without him will be odd and it won’t feel complete. No one will ever be able to replace the legacy he left behind and maybe the sequel shouldn’t even be filmed, but if it does, Letitia Wright, should take center stage.
Chadwick Boseman’s life and legacy will forever remain in our hearts.
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