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15 Beautiful Quotes from Markus Zusak to Celebrate his Birthday

Happy birthday Markus Zusak! The Australian bestselling author, known for his novels The Book Thief and I Am the Messenger, was born on June 23rd, 1975. His novels have moved the thousands of people who have read them and, for that reason, here are 15 beautiful quotes from his novels.

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I Am The Messenger Cover


Today marks the 19th anniversary of Australian author Markus Zusak’s esteemed book I Am The Messenger! Published on January 10th, 2002, the book won the 2003  Children’s Book Council of Australia Book of the Year Award. The book itself is now the same age as its protagonist, 19-year-old cab-driving Ed Kennedy. In honor of this fantastic book’s birthday, we’re sharing our ten favorite quotes; quotes that made us laugh, made us think, and made us feel that–just maybe–we too might be messengers.

I Am The Messenger Cover
  • My full name’s Ed Kennedy. I’m nineteen. I’m an underage cabdriver. I’m typical of many of the young men you see in this suburban outpost of the city —not a whole lot of prospects or possibility. That aside, I read more books than I should, and I’m decidedly crap at sex and doing my taxes. Nice to meet you.

  • When you lie once, you have to make it uniform. We all know that.

  • “No, I’m not a saint, Sophie. I’m just another stupid human.”

  • It’s not a big thing, but I guess it’s true—big things are often just small things that are noticed.

  • Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are.

I Am The Messenger Cards


  • “Believe it or not—it takes a lot of love to hate you like this.”

  • Already, I know that all of this will stay with me forever. It’ll haunt me, but I also fear it will make me feel grateful. I say fear because at times I really don’t want this to be a fond memory until it’s over. I also fear that nothing really ends at the end. Things just keep going as long as memory can wield its ax, always finding a soft part in your mind to cut through and enter.

  • “No,” I tell him, “I won’t. I won’t be okay just for the sake of it. Not anymore.” It’s true. If I’m ever going to be okay, I’ll have to earn it.

  • I’d rather chase the sun than wait for it.

  • If a guy like you can stand up and do what you did, then maybe everyone can. Maybe everyone can live beyond what they’re capable of.