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Romance Novels to End the Year!

It’s that time of the week again and it’s also the last few days of 2020! What a crazy year it’s been, and what better way to end such a hard year than by reading some romance books. Snuggle up with one these cool new books and read your way into a new year.


1. Instant Karma by Marissa Meyer


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Instant Karma is about Prudence Barnett, an overachiever and very judgmental girl. After a night out with her friends, she wakes up with the ability to grant instant karma on those around her. Of course, while she can use her newfound powers on anyone from vandals to karaoke hecklers, the one person that she wants to use them on is immune to them. Quint Erickson is her slacker lab partner, but her powers just won’t work on him. However, Prudence soon learns some things about Quint, and even some truths about herself.



2. Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur


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Written in the Stars tells the storty of two women, Darcy Lowell and Elle Jones. Darcy is over her brother setting her up on blind dates and refuses to let him set her up on anymore. So, she lies and tells him she hit it off with Elle. Unfortunately, Elle is Darcy’s brothers new business partner and she is surprised at how much Darcy claims their date went. According to Elle, Darcy is a stick in the mud and isnt the right fit for her free spirted ways. So, Darcy ends up begging Elle to play along with the condition for Elle’s family through the holidays as well. The offer ends on New Years Eve. However the two might actually be falling for each other.


3. The Flipside by James Bailey


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The Flip Side tells the story of Josh, a man going through a quarter life crisis… and what a crisis it is. He just lost his job, his girlfriend, and he just moved back in with his parents. So, he decides to make his life choices by flipping a coin. It starts out as a joke, but then he decides to put his faith in it since careful planning didn’t work out too well. However, when the girl of his dreams is on the line, Josh isn’t sure if he should take the chance and flip the coin.



4. Notorious by Minerva Spencer


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Notorious tells the story of Drusilla Clare who doesn’t want to get married. However, her brother’s best friend, Gabriel, seems to make her rush with desire despite how much of a rake he is. When she is in the clutches of a scroundel and rescued by Gabriel, he proposes and it makes her crumble. Gabriel finds Drusilla intriuging, but there is someone else that wants her affection and that just makes his flare for her even hotter. The one true thing that will save their marriage is to trust each other and the love they have for one another.


5. The Boy Toy by Nicole Marsh


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The Boy Toy is about Samira Broderick and Rory Radcliffe. Samira has used her succesful practice to avoid a trip home to visit her mother. She is still upset with her mom over an arranged marriage that didn’t work out. But, now that she has a new job that’s in Australia, she is ready to go back home and visit her mom. She is also ready for a fling. Rory is a stuntman who avoids speaking roles because of his stutter, but when he is offered a job he can’t refuse, he hires a dialect coach: Samira, the woman he happened to have had a one stand with. Samira knows Rory is completely wrong for her; for one thing he is ten years younger than her and he’s not indian. She knows her mom would never approve of him, but even if things were to get serious, does she have to tell her mother?


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Why We Love Marissa Meyer’s New Podcast

In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, it feels like everyone and their mother has started a podcast, and Marissa Meyer is no exception. The author of The Lunar Chronicles, the Renegades trilogy, and Heartless, Marissa Meyer is a prominent figure in the YA industry. Though she says she’s had the idea for this podcast for some time now, the inaugural episode of The Happy Writer only recently premiered March 22nd. 

According to Meyer, The Happy Writer is “a podcast that helps readers find new books to enjoy, and writers find more joy in their words and process.” Each episode features Meyer interviewing a different author, while also discussing new book releases and the writing process. She hopes that her podcast can bring some joy to listeners during this hectic time.

Readers and writers alike will love The Happy Writer. Marissa Meyer’s cheerful attitude is contagious as she poses a variety of fun questions to the authors on her show, including Jessica Brody, Sandhya Menon, Intisar Khanani, and Elizabeth Eulberg. While many of these questions are focused on the author’s newest releases themselves, Meyer and her guests also discuss the writing process, maneuvering cancelled book tours, and overcoming obstacles in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. 


If you’re interested in some up and coming releases, this podcast is the perfect place to find them. Meyer will introduce you to numerous YA authors in addition to their past and present works. As for writers, hearing these authors talk about the making of their bestsellers, as well as navigating the coronavirus pandemic, is sure to inspire you. We don’t always get to see the behind-the-scenes of author life, but Meyer provides just that.

If you’re a Marissa Meyer fan like myself, or simply interested in YA authors, don’t miss out on The Happy Writer! You can find the podcast on her website, Spotify, or iTunes. You can also keep up with the podcast on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. There are currently four episodes, with more to come.

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Celebrate April Fool’s Day With 3 Literary Fools

In books, court fools are often looked down upon, usually winding up as the butt of a joke. But their prominence in literature is no coincidence; literary fools are often more important than they first appear, acting as wise or sometimes even prophetic characters. While the Shakespearean fool is the most common type of literary fool, many other works have continued a similar tradition. Whether you’d like to hear some jesters’ jokes this April Fool’s day, or just want to do some good-old literary analysis, these fools are sure to humor you.

1. Fool (King Lear)

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This play follows King Lear, an old king who wants nothing more than to be praised and worshiped by his people. After disowning one daughter, and splitting his kingdom between the other two, King Lear is quick to realize his two daughters were only after his power, and he slowly descends into madness. Throughout the play, Fool, the king’s jester, is one of few to speak frankly to the king, even when that means mocking him. While he often sings playful songs, his wise advice is invaluable. 

In a play focused on the divide between outward appearance and true character, Fool’s blunt honesty and wisdom fit right in. 

2. The Fool (The Farseer Trilogy)

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The Fool in the Farseer Trilogy is first introduced in The Assassin’s Apprentice, but appears in Robin Hobb’s later works as well. The court jester for King Shrewd, The Fool is a playful character who is acrobatic and likes to play jokes on others. However, he is also a prophetic character whose abilities aid the main character, Fitz—an illegitimate royal—throughout the series. This duality of character is common in literary fools; beneath their “foolish” facades, they hold a certain amount of wisdom that other characters lack. Beyond that, The Fool also maintains a layer of mystery as characters struggle to fully pin down his gender. 

With his air of mystery and hidden abilities, this fool isn’t to be underestimated. 


3. Jest (Heartless)

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An imagining of the prequel to Alice in Wonderland, Heartless follows Catherine, a baker who dreams of one day opening her own bakery, despite her parents’ hope she might someday become queen. Unlike most literary fools, Jest appears in the book as a romantic figure who Catherine finds herself attracted to, despite being courted by the king. As the king’s joker, Jest is witty and entertaining. But he is also heroic and often tries to protect Catherine, whether that be by stalling Catherine’s engagement or insisting she doesn’t have to perform at Hatta’s tea party. 

Despite standing out from other literary fools, Jest’s mysterious motives and unknown past make him more than a simple court jester.

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Which Lunar Chronicles Couple Are You?

If you’ve read Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles, you’ve probably swooned over one or two (or five) of its characters. But which of its couples does your real-life romance match up with? Take this quiz to find out!



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Three Books About Aliens and #ThingsWeAreNeverMeantToKnow

Alright, so I don’t really think there’s stuff we’re not meant to know – vive la science! – but a lot of people were talking about aliens (and Monty Python – Twitter, never change), so here are some books about aliens to start knowing some things. Maybe. The truth is out there!

Cinder – Marissa Meyer

This is a great start for anyone who likes their sci-fi light and lush, with enough cyborgs, psychics, and space travel to satisfy more die-hard fans. Set in futuristic Beijing, this well wrought fairy tale retelling features plague, sisterhood, and a robot who’ll be your favorite character. What more could you want? Crime? Formal wear? A lost foot? All that and more, plus, your book hangover will be delayed for quite a while, because there are several excellent sequels and a delightful graphic novel companion series. And did I mention Cinder is a mechanic? She’s a mechanic. Heart eyes.


These Broken Stars – Amie Kaufman, Meagan Spooner

Quick question – are you ready to suffer? This is a good book, maybe even a great one, but it’s going to break your entire heart and not even be sorry. Two strangers, the only survivors of a massive spaceliner crash, try to find their way across an alien landscape to the ship’s wreckage and hope of rescue. An unlikely pair, an heiress and a former soldier must work together not only to survive harsh conditions on dwindling hope, but to discover the secrets of this planet, long hidden, and more lovely and terrible than they could have imagined. Like I said, this one’ll hurt, but read it anyway. It’s earned.


Binti – Nnedi Okorafor

Confession; this one’s from my TBR. But it’s at the top of the list! Brutal, large scale war against terrifying aliens, an intergalactic university, and the terrible pull of leaving the Earth behind. Clocking in at under a hundred pages, this is definitely a quick read, but don’t worry about being abandoned – it’s the first of three novellas. Plus, we always, always stan a heroine who’s good at math. Isn’t that the dream? Be good at math, and risk death to go to space school? Don’t boo me, I’m right.

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