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Book Company Gifts Marijuana With Every Purchase

Getting a free gift when you purchase a new book is always fun, but how would you react if that gift was some pot?

BlazeMichigan is a new Ann Arbor based book-selling company that gives patrons a small portion of marijuana with every book bundle purchase. You can purchase a $65 bundle that includes two used books and four free “edible” gifts or a $400 bundle with twenty-four books and fifty-six gifts.

The business was started in January by Stephanie Swearengin and Chris Rau. As of today, their website has reported over 759 books have been purchased and counting.

Marijuana laws in Michigan is a bit tricky. As of December 2018, recreational marijuana is allowed, but selling it is still illegal. Swearengin insists that they do not sell marijuana, but she acknowledges the gray area that her practice creates.

“We’ve talked to multiple lawyers about the issue and as far as we can tell it’s just a large gray area. Just like medical dispensaries. I mean with the state and the federal law, it’s already a gray area. Even though medical marijuana has been legal, they can still get shut down by the feds. So if you ask me it’s all kind of gray.”

Cass County Prosecutor Victor Fitz has issued a stern warning to the company. “People engaging in this activity are definitely subjecting themselves to potential prosecution.”



Featured Image Via Medical News Today.