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Author Highlights Importance of Autism Awareness Day

Yesterday was Autism Awareness Day, which, each year, yields much discourse about how people with autism are treated, showing there are still great strides to be made.


Marieke Nijkamp, #1 New York Times bestselling author of This is Where It Ends and Before I Let Go, editor of Unbroken: 13 stories starring disabled teens, and writer of the upcoming Oracle: Rising, tweeted out some extremely important points.

Let’s look at the tweets.

This is right on the money. I’m sure we all are aware that autism exist, but being aware of something isn’t the same as accepting it. I can be aware of you, the reader, but to say I accept you is something totally different.

See how it sounds? “I’m aware of you”. Harsh, a little blunt, and you’re not sure what I’m getting at.

Now if I say, “I accept you,” there’s something kinder and much more honest in those words.

See the difference?

You definitely should.

You may think: it’s the 21st Century. We have history books that tell us condemning differences is bad, bad bad. Do we really need to go over this again? The answer is, yes, we do, because we can’t afford to forget about it.

Make an effort to better yourself, be willing to change your mind, and LISTEN.



Stan Lee, "Nuff said"

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Autism Acceptance Day is meant to give those on the spectrum the spotlight. That doesn’t mean you should forget about them tomorrow, or the next day, or the day after that. It means the fight isn’t over.




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