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Maisie Williams and Arya Stark

Maisie Williams Killed It With the Best/Worst April Fools Joke EVER!

Breaking news! Maisie Williams accidentally spilled the beans on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

The interview starts out with the basics: Jimmy asks Maisie what events in the have defined Arya, and Maisie starts with, “Number one would be Ned’s beheading”.


Ned Stark's final moments

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Ouch. And she says it with such candor. Seven years and this type of candor still feels too soon. Maisie continues with talking about how Arya was with Sandor Clegane, steadily getting dark, culminating in the line, “One day I’m going to stick a knife through your eye and out the back of your skull” and how this line showed “how messed up in the head [Arya] had become.”

Cue nervous laughter from the audience.


Arya and Sandor Clegane

Honestly at this point it was all pretty standard, and I was getting relaxed in my seat. Get to the good stuff!

Maisie keeps going, talking about how in Season 5, Arya got rid of her original costume and how in “last season she reunited with Sansa”. That last part is straight out of Maisie’s mouth, and it’s about as exciting as watching paint dry. No offence to Maisie , but all this stuff is standard at this point. It’s been said before and said again at least a thousand times by now.

Then the bomb shell drops. About a minute and thirty seconds into the video, after Maisie gets done with talking about how HBO wants the cast to keep a tight lip on everything, Jimmy asks for “just a crumb”.

“Just a crumb, m’lady,” Jimmy goes.

Maisie chuckles before talking about how the last day was really emotional with saying goodbye to everyone “because when I found out Arya died in like the second episode it was…”


A shocked Maisie Williams

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Maisie pauses, and gasps. You can hear a pin drop in the room. There are gasps in the room. Maisie holds a hand over her mouth. She’s shaking, asking if this is live, if they can edit it out. Jimmy does his best to comfort her but she’s near tears. Her smiles are fake, her eyes are as wide as a deer in the headlights.


Maisie Williams and Jimmy Fallon

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At this point, I wanted to un-hear what I just said. Maisie was tugging at my heart strings. It was uncomfortable and I felt bad for her, bad I could still hear. Jimmy tries to start over with an applause, but as soon as it stops Maisie can’t take it and runs off stage.

A distraught Jimmy Fallon

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And Jimmy sits there, distraught. What he just heard, what he just saw, it was, it was….too much.

After a while he stands up, goes to the side, pulls the curtain, and he and Maisie go “APRIL FOOLS!”

And you think we’re bad.

Seriously, though, this just proves what we already know: Maisie Williams is an amazing actress. Check it out for yourselves!



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Maisie Williams

Maisie Williams Is Gunning for the Theater After ‘Game of Thrones’

Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams has over a year before HBO’s smash adaptation ends, but she’s already planning on her post-Arya Stark years. While promoting Early Man, which features her debut voice acting role, Williams revealed what she’d like to do after GoT.


After doing this and really working on my voice I would love to do theatre. It would be wonderful to constantly stay inside my comfort zone but I think I owe it to myself just keep pushing myself and wanting to do more different things and new and exciting things.


She is an actress, so the idea of performing in theater is, you know, not surprising. Still, it does make theater fans wonder who Williams could play. Maybe Viola from Twelfth Night? Stella from A Streetcar Named Desire? Nora from A Doll’s House?


Arya Stark is a slippery character, and Williams has had to wear several hats (or faces) in her time on GoT. Though she’s trying to get out of her comfort zone, I’d say Arya has given her plenty of room to try new things out. Every season she seems to be the most recognizably different than pretty much any other character on the show. As others change incrementally, Arya has a proper transformation every season.


Whatever the future holds for Maisie Williams after GoT, at the moment, I really only care to see how Arya’s arc ends. And will it be different from what George R. R. Martin has planned? Only (a lot of) time will tell.


Arya Stark

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Maisie Williams

Straight Outta Westeros: Maisie Williams Wants to Get the Show on the Road

We have a long wait ahead of us until HBO releases the 8th season of Game of Thrones. Until 2019 to be exact. Can you deal?


George R.R. Martin’s next book, The Winds of Winter is set to hit shelves during the long off season and will inevitably give us some answers on the fates of our favorite families and characters. 


Maisie Williams

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We are especially excited to see how much more badass one character in particular will become, now that we have finally (partially) figured out her purpose. But while we cant quite contain ourselves with excitement for the final episodes to begin, Maisie Williams (a.k.a. Arya Stark), is itching for it all to be over.  Here’s why.


Speaking with BBC Newsbeat, Williams expressed her interest in letting go of the “safety net” that has been the hit show she started working on when she was only fourteen, and moving on to making independent films. After all, the young actress already set up her own production company back in 2016 called Daisy Chain Productions, through which she starred in a short film, Stealing Silver. What she said during her interview was; “I’m really excited for Game of Thrones to finish, and there’s going to be time for me to do whatever I want.”


Williams in her short film Stealing Silver

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We certainly wish Williams every success in continuing with this passion project as her current gig on the epic fantasy show comes to a close. She says to the BBC that she hopes to continue developing “UK-originated short films, theatrical features and high-end television drama” when its all over in the next two years. 


Looks like she has her post-GOT aspirations all figured out!


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Even Arya Stark Has Growing Pains

At the age of 12, Maisie Williams was thrust into child stardom when she began her role as the young and feisty Arya Stark. Now, Williams has turned 20 and she is reflecting on her teenage years that were spent filming Game of Thrones, as well as other shows like Doctor Who.


Photo Courtesy of HBO

Image courtesy of Bustle 


In an interview with The Times, Williams explained that in the early days of Game of Thrones, she was fearless. However, she revealed that this did not last forever. “As each season passed, the pressure built and it became a little destructive,” Williams said, adding, “Everyone goes through that dip in confidence. That also came with puberty.” She says she is now beginning to regain her confidence.



Image courtesy of The Times


Giles Hattersley of  The Times emphasized, “she is hands down the best adjusted child star I’ve ever interviewed.” So how did the star of a wildly successful show like Game of Thrones manage to stay grounded? The actress shared, “It’s just that I never thought, growing up, I could really achieve my dreams, no matter how hard I worked. So when I did, I was, like, ‘Well, this could all end tomorrow, so I better do something good with it while it lasts.’”


Although Williams is still young, she says she notices herself turning more and more into a woman. And as she continues to grow, she will continue pursue a life that is ‘normal.’



Click here for Season 7’s official trailer.


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