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Dark Arts bath bomb solid and in water

Lush Have A Surprise for Potter Fans!


It’s no secret that in recent years, Lush has revolutionized the bathing experience, but they’ve brought it to a whole new level with their new ‘Harry Potter’ themed bath bomb. Bath time was already a peak-reading time for your average bookworm, but now you can match your favorite creature comfort to your favorite comfort read! 


Hermione making potions

Image Courtesy of Popbuzz


The enticingly named ‘Dark Arts’ is a deep grey in color, that is, until it touches water, at which point it emits a sparkly pink potion from within!


Dark Arts bath bomb

Image Courtesy of Lush


‘Dark Arts’ contains ingredients like almond essential oil, Brazilian orange oil, and cinnamon leaf oil to leave you sparkly and soft.


We can’t wait to soak up the magic while revisiting our favorite Potter adventure! 


Featured Image Courtesy of Popbuzz