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‘Riverdale’ Gets New Cast Member!

We’re still grieving the loss of  Fred Andrews on Riverdale just a couple of weeks ago, due to the real life passing of actor Luke Perry.
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Archie Andrews was incredibly heartbroken to loose his dad, but soon enough he will be visited by his uncle. Unfortunately for Archie, when it comes to the adults in Riverdale, they’re not always the best caretakers, with the exception of FP, Pop Tate, Nana Rose, and of course his dad. So this Frank Andrews might not be good news for Archie, especially since we’ve never heard of him until now.
According to Deadline, Uncle Frank has lived in the shadow of his big brother and did everything he could to stand out, which is why he joined the army. He did three tours of duty and now he needs a home and is struggling with his own demons.
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Similar to his nephew, Frank has a temper and was football star back in high school. So maybe Uncle Frank and Archie will hit it off, or not due to their impulsive tempers. We will just have to wait and see what happens when Uncle Frank knocks on Archie’s door.
Uncle Frank
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Riverdale airs Wednesday Nights at 8/7c on the CW. What do you think this new cast member will bring to the table?

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‘Riverdale’ Season 4 Will Kick off with Tribute to Luke Perry

Riverdale fans, prepare a box of Kleenex for the upcoming season of the teenage crime drama: the first episode is entitled “In Memoriam.”

Based on the Archie comics, hit TV adaptation Riverdale will honor actor Luke Perry, who sadly passed away in early March of this year. The loss has devastated those who knew Perry personally and who worked with him. Fans are sure to miss his presence on the show, and the acknowledgement of his loss is sure to be as emotionally cathartic as it is difficult.


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Luke Perry has been with the show since the very beginning, bringing to life the character Fred Andrews, Archie Andrews’ father. A lovable character and person, Perry created a gentle and earnest yet also stern father to bring out powerful and enjoyable moments from KJ Apa, who plays Archie. Luke Perry was the perfect man for the role, bringing his passion and talent of acting, as well as his own natural charm, to the show. The acclaimed actor is missed by his Riverdale family. At least now we can have one last goodbye.




Showrunner and writer Roberto Aguirre Sacasa shared the announcement of the special episode in tribute via Twitter, telling viewers that they’re “thankful for the opportunity to honor Luke and Fred.”




According to Deadline News, the episode will be kicking off Season 4 Wednesday October 9th at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on the CW.






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