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Is Netflix’s Let It Snow the New Love Actually?

We all love ensemble movies, and Netflix’s new film, Let it Snow, based on the novel of the same name by John Green, just might be the new Love Actually. Both movies have a similar vibe, considering it takes place during the holiday seasons, and it highlights different couples and their love. Except, Love Actually took place over the course of several days, while Let it Snow, takes place on just the one day, Christmas Eve during a snowstorm.



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The movie follows five different teen duos during a snowstorm on Christmas Eve. One of the duos are two best friends, Angie and Tobin who are too afraid to tell each other about their true feelings for each other. Then there’s Dorrie and Kerry, Dorrie is secretly seeing Kerry because she hasn’t come out yet. Dorrie also just so happens to work at the Waffle House dinner where all these duos come together. Next there is Julie, who accidentally meets pop star Stuart Bale, and they end up spending the day together of course. Last but not least, there is Addie, who finds herself stranded in the snow while trying to catch her cheating boyfriend. Joan Crusack even narrates the movie and plays the town’s truck driver who helps out Addie.


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Of course all ensemble movies tend to have a meeting point, and in this movie, the meeting point is the ultimate Christmas Eve party, thrown by Keon. Love Actually’s meeting point was the Christmas pageant, which is similar yet different. These are two separate movies, with similarities that are great to watch this time of year.




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Billy Nighy, Callum Turner to Star in Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’

Exciting news for Jane Austen fans! The newest film adaptation of Emma has found two more British mainstays for its cast. Bill Nighy, famous for such roles as Love Actually and Pirates of the Caribbean has been announced by this article to be joining Emma’s cast. Callum Turner, know for his role in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewadis also joining the adaptation.


Callum Turner stands underneath a bright white sign for 'Grindlewad' at its premiere

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Bill Nighy will be playing the father of Emma Woodhouse, Mr. Woodhouse, while Callum Turner will be playing Frank Churchill, a young man determined to keep his engagement a secret throughout the story. The story tells the tale of Emma Woodhouse, who lives in the fictional village of Highbury. The novel tells the story of youthful hubris, focusing on several families within the village through Emma’s eyes.

Playing the lead, Emma, will be Ana-Taylor Joy, whose credits include The Witch  and SplitThis adaptation will be directed by former music video director Autumn de Wilde, making her feature film debut. Also in the cast are Gemma Whelan, Mia Goth, and Johnny Flynn. The film will be splashing onto screens in 2020 and will such a star-studded cast, we can’t wait to see it!


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