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‘Little Women’ Goes Modern With Multicultural Graphic Novel

In honor of Little Women‘s 150th anniversary,  Little, Brown Books Books for Young Readers is revamping Louisa May Alcott’s beloved classic with a modern spin. 


The publishing company is collaborating with Tapas Media to bring color to the pages of this classic with a new graphic novel which will feature a muilticultural version of the March family.


150 years after Little Women enchanted readers everywhere, audiences across the world have become immersed in more diversified cultures and will find themselves better able to identify with the March family ever more than before.



Image Via Bre Indigo/Tapas Media


Written by Rey Terciero and illustrated by Bre Indigo, this graphic novel, titled Meg, Joe, Beth, and Amy, will honor Alcott’s incredible characters while acknowledging the dramatic cultural shift that has occurred in the last 150 years.


“Bre and I wanted to see ourselves in the characters, too, which is why we made the family diverse,” Terciero said. This representation will go beyond skin color, however, as the graphic novel will also feature an LGBTQ character.

Terciero comments:


I wanted to play with the subtext that may not have been available 150 years ago, but that we can speak openly about these days. Being LGBT myself, I’m just happy to be creating a book that I wish I could have read as a young reader.



Image Via Bre Indigo/Tapas Media


Mirroring Alcott’s version, the graphic novel will dive into some heavy topics including sexuality, maturity, sisterhood, identity, and more. However, the colorful illustrations will help to bring light to the dark matters and maintain an uplifting tone.


“It’s also very PG, and very sweet,” Terciero said. “I wanted to be sensitive with the heavy topics while staying true to Alcott’s vision of empowering young women.”



Image Via Bre Indigo/Tapas Media


Indigo spoke of her desire to see modern audiences find a new reliability in the diverse characters.


She said:


Meg, Joe, Beth, and Amy have so much in common with today’s youth and hopefully when young readers pick up the book they can find themselves in the girls and apply their growth to their own lives. My personal goal as an artist is to help others to embrace empathy, to relate to one another and grow as individuals. And I think our book does just that.


Meg, Joe, Beth, and Amy will premiere as an episodic series online, with the first episode available this week. A paperback version along with e-book editions will be released in November 2018.


Feature Image Via Bre Indigo/Tapas Media

Little Women PBS

The First Trailer for ‘Little Women’ Miniseries Drops and It Is WONDERFUL

Christmas has come early for fans of Louisa May Alcott’s classic Little Women, as the first trailer for the upcoming miniseries adaptation has dropped, and it is great. 


So, for me, nothing will ever replace the 1994 Winona Ryder movie adaptation, but this trailer looks like it may be giving one of my most beloved Christmas movies a run for its money. It has Angela Lansbury as Aunt March. What more do you want?


Via WiffleGif

Via WiffleGif


So take a look, shed a tear, assess whether Willa Fitzgerald who plays Meg March will make a good Kitsey Barbour in The Goldfinch as she’s just been announced for the role…



Thoughts? I think it looks pretty great, honestly. I know it’s hard to make an informed assessment in thirty seconds, but nothing looks amiss: great costumes, great casting (is that Michael Gambon A.K.A Dumbledore I spy?), a suitably dark and brooding Laurie. I’m feeling optimistic, and am looking forward to Little Women airing on PBS on May 13th, 2018. 


Featured Image Via PBS

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‘Little Women’ Is Getting TWO Adaptations Next Year

Amy, can you haaandle this?


Meg, can you haaandle this?


Josephine, can you haaandle this?




And by this, I mean the two upcoming adaptations of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel about sisterly devotion, Little Women. The book turns 150-years-old next year, and both a TV mini-series and a feature-length film are in the works.  What do you think of that?


Via Giphy

Via Giphy


Not so fast. Don’t reject the idea just because nothing could ever come close to the 1994 Winona classic. These actually sound pretty good. PBS, the BBC, and Masterpiece are collaborating on a three-part mini-series, with a script written by Heidi Thomas. The project will be directed by Vanessa Caswill and executive produced by Colin Callender, who says:


This is a character study of young women rich in texture and detail, and it’s an honor to be able to bring it to life in this extended form with the great Heidi Thomas, one of the finest writers working in television today. In the hands of the exciting directorial style of filmmaker Vanessa Caswill we hope to deliver a new screen version that will speak to contemporary audiences, meet the expectations of the book’s ardent fans and bring a whole new generation to this great classic.


You can view and quietly judge the full cast here.


But this is not all! Though the mini-series is many people’s preferred form of viewing these days, cinema is not dead and there is also a Little Women movie in the works. Clare Neiderpruem, has co-written this adaptation with Kristi Shimek. Filming kicked off in June and the movie will join the mini-series when it is released in 2018. 


I will be watching both with great excitement, though no expectations because of my undying Winona Ryder loyalty.


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Image Via Tumblr


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