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Amazon to Spend HALF A BILLION DOLLARS on Lord of the Rings Series

Late last year, we reported that Amazon would be bringing J.R.R. Tolkien’s masterpiece The Lord of the Rings trilogy to the small screen. Sounds cool. Sounds reasonable. People will need something to keep them going after Game of Thrones ends, after all, and there are so many books and stories that could be used for the planned prequel show. It all seems well thought out and reasonably sensible, but the reasonable nature of this whole venture comes to an abrupt end when you learn just how much money Amazon plans to spend.


According to Reuters, Amazon could be spending up to $500 million on the first two seasons of the show. Seemingly, this figure includes the $250 million reportedly spent on the rights for the series. That comes out to HALF A BILLION DOLLARS. Peter Jackson’s film trilogy only cost a total of $281 million to make, and that’s the first time I’ll have used the word “only” in this context. That should give you an impression of just how lavish this series is set to be. 


According to Reuters via winteriscoming.net, “part of Amazon’s business model with its shows is to attract viewers who will then buy merchandise on the site. Think of Amazon like the Iron Bank. One way or another, it always gets a return on its investment.”


The size and reach Amazon has now is actually mind boggling, especially when you consider founder Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the world. Enjoy this candid image of Jeff in his secret pool of money, enjoying his incomprehensible level of success…


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We joke, we kid. 


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