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Bookish Tweets To Brighten Your Time Indoors

How are we holding up, indoor dwellers? I know sometimes it can be dark and gloomy at times being cramped up inside all day, and it may be making you lonely – unless you fall into the group that prefers it this way, but even then, regardless of where you stand, there is nothing wrong with a little switch-up.

So, if you’ve been searching for a fresh batch of quality bookish tweets that’ll surely tickle your funny bone, and you’re in need of a good laugh, well here is the motherload of tweets that this quarantine was generous enough to give us…



Hamlet: Spoiler-Free Edition

Don’t you just hate it when someone spoils something for you – intentionally or not, especially not – for a certain story you’ve been meaning to get into but haven’t gotten around to, or one you’ve just started reading? Well, have no fear, reader of Shakespeare, because we’ve come prepared: if you happen to be reading Hamlet and don’t want to be soiled, we’re bringing you some snapshots of the story without actually spoiling it! Check ‘em out below:

You know, just to give you an idea of where the story goes…


When You Need To Take The Edge Off…

We’ve all had stressful days, and given everything that’s happening to us worldwide right now, that stress has been no doubt amplified, so do whatever it takes to calm yourself down, even if you have to copy ol’ Dionysus here…

Whether in a war or in a pandemic, it looks like he’s got the right idea. 


Worse Than Friendzoned

What can possibly be worse than a guy who you really like turns out to only like you as a friend?

Oh yeah, that’s right: as a sister… But hey, if Jane Austen’s titular Emma, as well as Cher in Clueless, could make it work, then not all hope is lost… (Good luck unthinking all that.)


Pics Of The Perfect Package

It’s hard to meet someone new outside your home nowadays. Maybe you should stick to someone who’s already inside almost all the time working on their creepily cool aesthetic…

As long as he doesn’t have the Coronavirus, he surely is a keeper! 



The Possibilities Are Endless!

You know, now that you’re forced to limit your time going out, with all this free time at home, you can accomplish just about anything once you put your mind to it…

Like I said, there are endless possibilities…


Growing Pains Throwback

As you can tell by the title of this one, it’s a bit of a continuation to a tweet I covered in a piece a long time back. If you have been keeping up with my bookish tweets pieces, see if you can remember the context that this one is nodding to…

Don’t worry Charlie and Hermione: you’ll get your moment to shine… (Also, interestingly enough: both movie adaptations HP and Perks had Emma Watson in them! To that, all I can say is: “You will find that help will always be given at Hogwarts,” “the island of misfit toys,” “to those who ask for it,” to make you feel “infinite”!)


Ignorance Is Bliss

Sometimes, you’re better off not knowing the truth of what actually happened. In many cases, this could spare you a whole lot of trouble…

…or even a lifetime of insanity in certain cases – at their extreme – so it’s best to not know the full story, no matter how tempting it may be to find that out. 

I know this already has seven tweets at this point, but there are a few that I couldn’t help but include in here, so first up, a bonus tweet…


Bonus Tweet: A Surprise Visitor

When practicing your quarantining/physical distancing, make sure you don’t answer the door to anybody, lest you catch the Coronavirus…

…no, not even if they’re a raven repeating the word “Nevermore” a dozen times! But if it’s urgent, tell the raven to bathe in a birdbath somewhere for up to thirty seconds. You never know! 

So, that’s it for the main tweets. Now, here’s one just to make you bittersweetly smile…

…and one to get you thinking of a clever title for this significant event in history…

…and one to give you an idea on how to see your friends up close and personal but not exactly in-person, courtesy of Penguin Random House…

…and finally, one to end this article: a long thread of bookish jokes I really think you’ll enjoy!

feature image via twitter

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A group of friends toasting. To books? Possibly.

Booze & Books(tr): 7 Delicious Book & Beer Pairings

It’s Thirsty Thursday, and Bookstr is bringing you Booze & Books, our newest weekly feature dedicated to drinking games and booze-book pairings. This week, we’ll be changing it up with a booze-book pairing. Our recommendation? Any booze and any book. Since that’s a little too general, we’re going to be paring classic books with soon-to-be-classic beer. So, friends, read up & drink up. By the end of this list, these pages won’t be the only thing turnt.

Remember: drink responsibly and read voraciously!

1. Lord of the Flies – Natty Light


'Lord of the Flies' William Golding & Natty Light Images Via AMazon & Thrillist


Lord of the Flies is about a classroom full of boys getting trapped together and resorting to savagery, which sounds to me like just about every frat party I’ve ever attended. The parallels don’t end there: we can assume they didn’t have a wide variety of beverage options. And that’s what Natty Light is: not your top pick, what happens to be there, preferable to cannibalism.





'Less Than Zero' and Brett, Yeast, & Helles

Images Via Amazon & untappd


Let’s get real: Less Than Zero pairs well with just about any intoxicating substance, both because that’s what the book is all about and because you might need a buzz to handle some of this violence and apathy. A disturbing tale of debauchery and indifference, Less Than Zero warns that the only thing you might want to have in common with these characters is a drink (or more). By the time the book reaches its horrific conclusion, you’ll have reached the bottom of the bottle.


3. anna karenina – baby daddy


'Anna Karenina' & Baby Daddy

Images via Goodreads & Wine Searcher


Unlike poor Anna, let’s hope that this Baby Daddy isn’t the reason for your untimely demise. Actually, let’s just say we hope a Baby Daddy is the only thing you and Anna have in common. Just remember that too much of a good thing is definitely, definitely a bad thing… especially if the ‘good’ thing is an extra-marital affair, in which case, it probably wasn’t that good of a thing to begin with.


4. 1984 – THE TRUTH


'1984' & The Truth

Image Via Untappd


The truth is that 1984 wasn’t that far off, and that would be a good punch line for a joke if it were a joke at all. Flying Dog’s  concept behind this popular beer is unabashed capitalism: “Full Disclosure: This beer came to fruition because we saw a gap in our portfolio and we wanted to increase our market share. Sometimes the truth hurts. But most often, it’s damn refreshing.”  Is this less a concept and more a statement of fact? Sure. But the idea of psychological manipulation and control is prevalent throughout 1984, making it an excellent pair. Also, this drink is as strong as you’ll want it to be.




'The Road' & Sit Down Son

Images Via Amazon & Passion Vines


“Sit down, son,” is possibly what The Road’s unnamed father said to his unnamed son as he explained that he would, potentially, one day shoot himself with one of the family’s two rounds of ammo to avoid being eaten by cannibals. Let’s hope that this experience (that of having a beer and knowing that you’ll never force anyone to strip naked at gunpoint) is much more enjoyable.




'The Hobbit' Dragon & Yumyums

Images Via Amazon & Untappd


The Hobbit pairs perfectly with this fun, fruity ale, a comforting yet sweet taste to remind you of all your nostalgic feelings towards Tolkien’s beloved series. The beer also comes in an unusual color: a particularly vivid pink sure to remind you of summer days and the beautiful sweep of that New Zealand landscape. Hobbits pretty much live to chill with their friends, and why shouldn’t you? Crack one of these open and get (lit)erary. No one would stop you from adding some pipeweed.




'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas' & Death Before Disco

Image Via Amazon & Lynchburg craft beer cellar

Although Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas was released in the 1970s (so, before disco, you may note) it was actually written during the 1960s. The novel depicts an intense spiritual death, the end of the hippie zeitgeist and the senseless space between generations. While the novel contains little actual death, it’s filled with an annihilation of ideas, from hotel rooms to fast cars—American symbols broken open to reveal the ugliness inside. There was plenty of death after and during disco, too, but little of it has captured so vividly. I’ll drink to that.


Featured Image Via The List.