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Vampire Diairies Showrunners to Adapt Another LJ Smith Series

Raise your hand if you’re a fan of The Vampire Diaires! If you raised your hand then get ready to get excited because another series has been picked up Warner Brothers TV, that is going to be produced by the same team that brought us TVD. The executive producer team is Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schetcher, and David Madden. They’re currently looking for a writer for the series, which is based on the trilogy by LJ Smith, The Forbidden Games.

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LJ Smith, is also the author of The Vampire Diaries series. The Forbidden Games, was written back in 1994 and it has a jumanji aspect to it, considering it’s about a young girl named Jenny Thornton, who buys a game and when her and her friends begin to put the pieces together they learn that the game is real. Total jumanji vibes! The rooms are pieced together based on their nightmares and despite the warning, “Entering the Shadowworld can be deadly. So enter at your own risk”, they enter the game anyway and now they have to run from Julian, the man that sold the game to Jenny, and he makes them confront their fears or be stuck in their own priviate hell. What Julian really wants is Jenny, and he will stop at nothing to get her, considering he’s been stalking her for years. Jenny is the prize and now she has to baragin for her body and her soul.

Sounds cool right?! And that’s just the first book! There are two more books in the series! It’s going to make for great TV, especially since LJ Smith laid out the foundation for TVD and it’s the same showrunners. Fingers crossed they find a great writer to bring this amazing series to life!

In the meantime, you can read the triology by clicking here.

You can also binge The Vamprie Diaires on Netflix right here.

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