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How to Plan a Literary Themed Party

Article by Maria Orlandi 

What’s the best part about throwing a literary party? The books obviously! Whether you’re having a birthday bash, a wedding reception, or just some old-fashioned fun, there are lots of ways to incorporate your favorite literature into your latest get-together. Here’s how!


1. First, pick your theme. Maybe you want to have your whole party revolve around one series, like Game of Thrones, or maybe just your favorite book. Maybe you don’t want to choose at all! In that case, just go with a general literature theme or pick a genre – fantasy, horror, or romance – and run with it!


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2. Send out invitations that look like mini versions of the book!


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3.  Everyone knows the only reason you really go to a party is for the food. Why not get creative and make food featured in your latest read? Maybe you want to make butterbeer from Harry Potter or little Eat Me cookies from Alice in Wonderland. If there’s no iconic food from your chosen literature then you can always decorate cupcakes or cakes with designs from the book cover, like these adorable fondant-topped treats.  


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4.  And what’s a party without some party games? Maybe hold a raffle for a copy of The Hobbit, play pin the ring on Bilbo, or a trivia game to test your friends’ Lord of the Rings knowledge! It works for any series, any book. 


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5. Dress up! Don’t just wear a drab pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Instead, dress like your favorite characters. Maybe you channel Daisy from The Great Gatsby in a flapper getup, or you deck yourself out in some leather leggings and be Katniss. Whatever it is, make sure to tell all your guests to dress up too – or no entrance allowed!


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6.  Decorate your party space and make your guests feel like they’re literally stepping into another world. Hang twinkling stars and planets from the ceiling for a galaxy themed Ender’s Game or play music that matches the era the books are set in. Pick a color theme that matches the book (like black, white and red for a circus theme) and then match all of the dishware, streamers, and balloons. If you’re doing something like Pride and Prejudice then make your event into a tea party and decorate with flowers and doilies.


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Whatever you decide to do, make sure all your guests know this isn’t any ordinary party – it’s a literary one!



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