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Check Out This Amazing Digital Library

Malay Mail reports that Penang Digital Library is challenging the traditional library setting by developing a library that has no books.

The library is a two-storey building, the first phase of which was a teacher’s main office next to Penang Free School used by students as a place to study. The newly-opened second phase expands to a different part of the building.

Tan Bee Eu is the architect who poses a model replica for the recently opened Penang Digital Library in George Town. She developed the concept of having a ‘library in a park,’ and notes how the rainwater harvest tank present on the grounds of the Digital Library collects rainwater which is used to water the trees, lawns and flowerbeds.


Image via malaymail.com


“I want a connection to nature so that the library has this whole natural feel to it from the lawn, the trees and the pocket parks,” she said. “They can also allow their young children to run around the lawn and the playground by the side.”


Image via malaymail.com


The Anglo-Indian style building only could fit eighty people, but due to its popularity, expansion was necessary. An annexe was also constructed to create more reading space and the hall which can be used for events accommodates up to 540 people at a time. There is also a lounge where people can eat and replenish before going back to their studies or work.

The annexe is beautiful, with its clear windows, sofas, and elegant glass ceiling with a pretty view of the park and lawn, as well as cubicles for people who want to do their work privately.


Image via malaymail.com


Image Via Malaymail.com


“We provide a range of space of different reading experiences, in booths, on sofas, cubicles, at the high tables and the bay windows to suit every need so users can read or work at ease,” Tan said. “We want a space for the community to come together, a space for families with young children and youths.”

The Penang Digital Library ‘s second phase covers 16,000 square feet and is open daily from 8am to 10pm.


Featured Image Via Penangdigitallibrary.com

Overdue Library Book Returned 73 Years Late

Any book lover can relate to having to return an overdue library book. But one woman might have missed her deadline by a bit much.

Mora Gregg, a retired librarian from Toronto, discovered an old copy of the 1929 novel The Postman hidden within the bookshelf of her apartment while she was cleaning one day. When she looked inside, she discovered that she had checked it out in 1946 when she was just a toddler. It was a book that Gregg read her whole childhood, one that she and her family took with her when they moved from to Canada.


Mora Gregg. Image Via The Washington Post

Gregg returned to the Silver Spring Library in Maryland to return the book. Much to her surprise, the library does not charge overdue fees on children’s books.

The library has not decided what they are going to do with the old copy, but they have stated that they might display the book in some fashion. Gregg has stated that if she wants to read the book again, she’ll go back to Silver Spring and check it out again.




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5 Times Library-Loving Cats Made the News

Everybody knows the Venn diagram of people who like reading and people who like cats is damn near a circle, but what about cats who like reading? Yep, seems people are pretty into them, too. Here are five instances of particularly persistent book-loving felines whose love of libraries made the news:


1. Max


Image Via The Washington Post


Max made the news back in 2017 with his relentless attempts to gain entry to his local library, despite the protests of his owners and staff. He was so persistent that the library was forced to put up a sign discouraging patrons from allowing Max into the library with them, explaining that it was in nobody’s best interest, least of all his own, for him to be in there.


2.  Browser


Image Via The Guardian


Browser the cat’s eviction from his library of choice sparked ‘international outcry’ when it made headlines in 2016. Thousands of people around the world expressed their support for the cat who resided, and still resides, at the library in White Settlement, Texas. After the local council decided to evict Browser on the basis that his presence prevented some members of the community from utilizing the library, other library patrons objected. The Guardian reports that at a local meeting regarding Browser’s fate, “a woman spoke about the history of cats in libraries. A man mentioned WebMD statistics on the low prevalence of cat allergies. Others talked about how the cat brought children into the library to read. A little boy was sad he had only been able to pet the cat once.”

Luckily for the town’s beloved Browser, the decision was overturned and he was allowed to remain at the library.


3. Dewey


Image Via iheartcats.com


Dewey, full name: Dewey Readmore Books, was deposited in the returns slot of a library in Spencer, Iowa when he was a kitten. Dewey captured the hearts of the librarians and became the library’s very own cat, even inspiring his own book,  Dewey: the Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched The WorldNo YOU’RE crying.


4. Mu


Image Via Maynooth University


Mu is Ireland’s Maynooth University’s library cat, who very kindly provided an interview with a student journalist for the Maynooth University Times this past October. During the interview, Mu provided many insights into his life, including: “I have resided here for many a year, and, by many a year, I mean I do not understand the concept of time.”


5. Penny


Image Via Jezebel


Penny is another library cat whose proposed eviction sparked objection. Jezebel reports that she had lived at Massachusetts’ Swansea Public Library for nine years before her presence was raised as an issue due to concerns over allergies. A petition in favor of Penny on Change.org garnered over 1,800 signatures.

Patrick Higgins, the man behind the campaign to have Penny removed, was gobsmacked by public support for her, and, in response, gave one of the most ‘I’m the baddie in a children’s film wherein the cat is the hero’ statements of all time: “We’ve got pictures of the cat on Facebook laying on top of a laptop, and they think this is okay!” quoth Higgins, presumably slamming his fist on an oak desk. “I just don’t understand it. The cat has gone all over the world. You’ve got the petition with over 2,000 people over a freaking cat.” And what, Higgins?

Unfortunately, Penny passed away in 2014, but lived in her beloved library until her final days.



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This Library Lets You Go on Blind Dates With Books

The phrase “Never judge a book by its cover” is pretty common, but people quite literally still do it when checking out books, but this new game at Roanoke County Public Library will make you think a little differently!

To play, all you have to do is grab a book from a special little table in the library. All of these books are wrapped up in special wrapping paper. The only information that you are given is a small little blurb on the front that describes the genre that you are reading. You aren’t allowed to unwrap the book until after you check it out.

Billed as a “blind date”, the library then gives you a sheet to fill out once you return the book titled ‘Rate Your Date’. You can answer questions based on how your “date” went, whether or not it was a “good match” as well as rate your date with a number of hearts.

This new game arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day, so if you’re looking for something intimate this holiday, there’s nothing more heartwarming than a good book.

You can read the full article here.



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ny library 2

This Amazing Library Prepares its Community for Job Interviews

In an interesting move, the New York Public Library has taken to offering not only books but also professional attire to people, young and old, in search of jobs.


ny public library

Image via Curbed NY


As it can be cost-prohibitive to purchase business-professional clothing prior to those gut-wrenching interrogatives we call “interviews,” this initiative should lend a helping hand to many residents of the NYC community on the market for a job.



job interview

Image via Entrepreneurship Life


The initiative is being funded by the New York Public Library Innovation Project, and is but one of many initiatives the organization has launched to provide accessible learning and professional services throughout NYC.


Here lies another example of libraries playing a vital role in their respective communities. In addition to curating and protecting the tomes of our history, libraries serve to empower and educate our citizens, with not only books, but also much, much more.




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