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Leonardo DiCaprio to Play Leonardo da Vinci in New Movie Adaptation!

The stars must’ve aligned somewhere, or the planets are in sync. This may seem a bit dramatic, but it feels right when hearing the news that Leonardo is going to be playing…Leonardo. Don’t get it switched up, though. Leonardo DiCaprio is set to play Leonardo da Vinci in the movie adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s book Leonardo da Vinci.


Leonardo da Vinci

 Image Via Simon & Schuster


According to Deadline, Paramount finally won the rights over to the book and they’re setting John Logan as the producer. With hits like Skyfall and Gladiator under his belt, Logan is also known for writing the script for The Aviator. So this will be his second collaboration with DiCaprio, which is a good sign!


Logan is now scripting it while DiCaprio works on another movie written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. Isaacson’s book takes inspiration from the notebooks of da Vinci himself. There are explanations of the human body, musculature, animals, and all things art and science within the work. Rest assured, you’ll be getting top-notch details with this. Including all of da Vinci’s strange little quirks.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Image Via The Hollywood Reporter 


And yes, you guessed it: adorable Leo was indeed named after the legendary artist. His mother was pregnant with him when she was at a museum in Italy gazing upon a da Vinci painting when he kicked in her stomach for the very first time. Sounds meant to be. And who knows? Perhaps Oscar number two will come from Leo’s depiction of Leo.


Feature Image Via The Idle Man and Simon & Schuster