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8 Lines from Books That Made Readers Say “WTF?”

If there’s one thing you can say about writers, it is that they certainly aren’t afraid to let loose. They are naturally creative and when that creativity meets paper, bizarre lines can spew out of writers’ minds.


Here are eight lines that made readers say, “WTF?”

Warning: NSFW Language





“I kissed her, a long hard kiss. Because baby didn’t know it, but baby was dead, and in a way I couldn’t have loved her more.”
— Jim Thompson, The Killer Inside Me



“All women love semi-rape. They love to be taken. It was his sweet brutality against my bruised body that made his act of love so piercingly wonderful.” 
— Ian Fleming, The Spy Who Loved Me 




“And suddenly his cock was out, jutting upward from his breeches like a fat pink mast.”

— George R.R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire: A Feast for Crows


“The dragon grinned at her before bringing his nose down and sniffing her cloth-covered pussy. ‘And you are turned on, my pretty.'”

— Alice Brown, Sapphamire





“Sunset found her squatting in the grass, groaning. Every stool was looser than the one before, and smelled fouler. By the time the moon came up she was shitting brown water. The more she drank, the more she shat, but the more she shat, the thirstier she grew.”

— George R.R. Martin, A Song of Ice and Fire: A Dance With Dragons


“I just beheaded and dismembered a sentient creature not twenty yards from you. That doesn’t bother you?”

— Stephanie Meyer, Twilight





 “An image of her shackled to my bench, peeled gingerroot inserted in her ass so she can’t clench her buttocks,

comes to mind.”

— E.L. James, Fifty Shades of Grey


“There I am, drunk on a spring night, yanking my tampon out and hurling it into a bush outside the church.”

— Lena Dunham, Not That Kind of Girl







Did these lines make you say WTF? Let us know, and tell us which lines you’ve recently read that made you say “WTF.”



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Andrew Rannells

‘Girls’ Actor and Tony-Nominated Broadway Star Andrew Rannells is Writing a Memoir

Any viewer who has seen Lena Dunham’s HBO hit Girls will undoubtedly recognize the face of Andrew Rannells, who starred as the gay best friend we always wanted, Elijah Krantz. His witty, vivacious deposition which won fans over is being transferred to the page, as he has announced that he is publishing a memoir!




Scheduled to be released in 2019, Rannells’ memoir will reportedly outline the journey of his acting career, from his experience in community theater in the Midwest city of Omaha, Nebraska to the iconic Broadway stage in New York. 


His memoir will reflect on his extensive theatrical experience, from debut role in Hairspray to his Tony-nominated leading role in The Book of Mormon. He has also starred in Hamilton, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, and Falsettos. 


Rannells commented on his upcoming memoir stating:


This is by far the most personal project I have ever worked on. Being an author has always been a dream of mine and I am incredibly honored to be given this opportunity. I am excited to share these stories and I will try my absolute best not to embarrass my family. Too badly.


While the title of his memoir and specific release date is yet to be announced, fans can look forward to a hilarious awe-inspiring read!



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