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Image from Animosity

‘Animosity’ Comic Is Getting a Movie Adaptation

Legendary Entertainment recently acquired the rights to Animosity, an AfterShock Comics series by Marguerite Bennett. Animosity had it’s first release in 2016. It follows “a dog and his girl,” named Sandor and Jesse respectively, as they make their way from New York City to San Francisco to find “the only person” who can help keep them safe .


Cover for ANimosty Issue #1

Image Via AfterShockComics


As stated earlier, this adaptation will be released under Legendary Entertainment, who provided us with movies like Pacific Rim, Watchmen, and 300. AfterShock Media president and CEO, Lee and Jon Kramer, will be producing the film. No word of a director or release date yet, but Legendary’s Jon Silk will be the overseer. With the likes of DC, Marvel, BOOM, IDC, etc, it is understandable that not as many people would know about AfterShock Comics. This will be a momentous move for them.


From someone who is not a huge (or even small) fan of the usual superhero comics out there, this seems really interesting. I couldn’t fathom even beginning to think about coming up with any kind of plan if suddenly animals started a revolution. The sheer fact that the protagonist is a young girl who takes her future into her own hands, even in the face of such danger, makes me want to read it even more. Dystopian stories are my jam so I will definitely be hopping on this bandwagon! I can’t wait for more details. Check out this great story!


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