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No Late Fees at the Free Library of Philadelphia

Philadelphians will now be able to access library books without worrying about a late fee. This past Wednesday, there was a vote from the board of trustees of the Free Library of Philadelphia to approve a measure to drop late fees on most overdue books. The board is excited to welcome past customers who have overdue books and other materials back into the library.

Image via Free Library of Philadelphia


The board of trustees chair, Pamela Dembe, says “We are delighted to be able to join libraries from across the country in removing overdue materials fines as a barriers for customers”. They are also looking forward to welcoming back patrons who have had missing items for a long time. As for right now, the date for this change is yet to be determined, but for now most items don’t have a late fee. Only those items that are lost or destroyed have fees, and those fees are the cost of the item. However if the item is returned or replaced there is no fine.

Image via City of Philadelphia

The library will remain under it’s current policy until training for staff has been completed and logistical and technical policies have been put in place.

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Featured Image via The Philadelphia Inquirer