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Larry David to Voice Audio Sequel to ‘Go the F–k to Sleep’

Back in 2014, Adam Mansbach gifted the world with his picture book titled Go the F–k to Sleep. The work was intended to serve as an honest look into the frustrations of parenting, specifically when the lullabies won’t cut it and your child refuses to shut their precious little trap.



The audiobook was read by Samuel L. Jackson, and was met with a hugely positive reaction from the internet.


Go the F--k to SleepImage via Walmart


Now Mansbach has returned with a new children’s book, titled F–k, Now There are Two of You, which explores the many joys of having a second child.


F-ck, Now There Are Two of You

Image Via Amazon


The audiobook this time around will be recorded by Larry David, the illustriously talented comedian best known for his work on Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm


Larry DavidImage via Biography.com


When asked about the project, David had this to say to Entertainment Weekly:

“As the second-born child, I’m sure my parents experienced feelings similar to those of the narrator in this book, is it any wonder I’m so f–ked up?”

F–k, Now There are Two of You comes out on October 1st, and is available for pre-order now!




Featured Images via Eater and Amazon

JB Smoove and Larry David

J.B. Smoove’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” Character is Writing an Actual Book

With Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” returning to HBO this fall, fan favorite J.B. Smoove is releasing a book as his character, Leon Black.



The book, titled “The Book of Leon,” will be released October 24. Per The Hollywood Reporter:

…the book was inspired by a certain balding man with glasses, perhaps Larry David, who allegedly told Black that since he always has so much to say, maybe he should just put it all down in words.


After a six year hiatus, the new season of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” will premiere October 1st on HBO. Fans have patiently waited for the new season, and the news that Smoove is penning a book in character to coincide with the show’s return is, in the words of Larry David, pretty…pretty…pretty good.


Leon Black and Larry David

This is what true friendship looks like. / via The New York Times


Here’s a clip of Smoove’s unforgettable character in action. Oh, and it is very very NSFW.


Feature images courtesy of Ask Men and The Independent.