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Know Her Name: Chanel Miller Speaks Out About Brock Turner Case

In 2015, a young woman was sexually assaulted by Stanford University student Brock Turner. After a year-long legal battle, Turner was found guilty on three charges of felony sexual assault, but was only sentenced to six months in prison. The light sentence lead to widespread outrage and led to a nationwide debate on campus sexual assault, rape culture, and privilege in the criminal justice system.

Now, after three years, the woman at the center of it all is ready to tell her side of the story.


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Previously referred to as Emily Doe, Chanel Miller is letting her name be known in her memoir Know My Name. Miller goes through the traumatic experience of waking up in the hospital the day after all the way to the verdict that shocked the country.

But the book isn’t just a retelling of events, it is also a condemnation of the system itself. From the media to the judicial system, Miller shames these institutions for practicing in victim shaming as well as propping up Turner as a “star-athlete” rather than a sexual offender.


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“Rape is not a punishment for getting drunk. And we have this really sick mindset in our culture, as if you deserve rape if you drink to excess. You deserve a hangover, a really bad hangover, but you don’t deserve to have somebody insert their body parts inside of you.”


But through all the raw anger, Miller doesn’t portray herself as a victim, but rather a woman reclaiming her identity after being portrayed as only a victim for so long.



Know My Name is available now.



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