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Turn Your Texts into a Book

A long time ago, people used pen and paper to write messages to one another. These messages were hand-delivered by something known as ‘the postal service’ so that the recipient could cherish the physical copy of the note for as long as they liked. This archaic method of communication, also know as ‘letter writing,’ has been usurped by what us modern-folk call ‘texting.’


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When I receive a handwritten letter from a friend, I tend to keep it stored away. There’s something precious about this type of correspondence, and it’s always a pleasure to look back on old letters. Is this sentimental value lost in a digital age? Are our text message conversation somehow less sacred since they are archived on our phone?



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Well, the people over at Keepster think that our text messages are worth saving. In fact, they even have a program that lets you turn them into a book.

Whether it’s a highlight real from your friends’ group chat, a correspondence with your mother about the new baby you just had, or the series of texts that led to a first date with your future fiance, you can compile all these messages into a neat little book.



A lot of sentimental messages can get lost in the whirlpool of our phones, and turning them into books sounds like an interesting solution. The book itself would make a great gift or a fun addition to your coffee table.

Digital conversation can often seem fleeting. Maybe it’s better that we lose our drunk texts and break-up tirades… but this recontextualization of our correspondences has the potential to make us reevaluate the ways in which we communicate via text messaging.



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