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5 Books to Teach Your Kids About the Environment

It’s Earth Day! Whether you’re looking to educate your children about the environment in a fun and informative way, or simply want to take a trip down memory lane, here are five children’s books about the environment, in honor of the holiday.

1. ‘Seekers’ by Erin hunter

Seekers Book 1

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If you have a young middle-schooler at home (or were once a Warrior Cats fan obsessed with anything Erin Hunter, like me) you may have heard of this middle-grade animal series featuring four main characters—all of which are bears. The series isn’t wholly centered on environmental issues, but the state of nature, and its impact on animals and their homes, plays a large role in the series. 

From the start, Toklo, Kallik, and Lusa struggle to find their place in a world dominated by man. Toklo comes from the wild, but his family struggles as their resources and food supply dwindle. Meanwhile, Kallik is a polar bear grappling with the melting ice caps and warmer temperatures. Lusa is the only bear living in captivity, though she longs to break free from her zoo and enter the wild. 

As these bears—and their companion Ujurak, a grizzly bear with a unique ability—cross paths, they go in search of a place to call home, hoping to escape to a place untouched by man, where resources and food are plentiful. Throughout their journey, the gang meets others struggling in the wake of a polluted Earth. This series is action-packed, but with a focus on the effects of our actions on the animals of the world.


2. ‘The Lorax’ by dr. Seuss

The Lorax

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This widely-popular Dr. Seuss book is probably the most well-known children’s book about the environment, complete with a recent movie adaptation. The story follows the Lorax, who speaks for the trees as they are cut down by the Once-ler. 

The fictional world of The Lorax is a fairly obvious parallel to our own world, commentating on industrialization and the environmental issues surrounding it. With beautiful illustrations and a powerful message, The Lorax is the perfect Earth Day read!

3. ‘Greta and the Giants’ by zoe tucker

Greta and the Giants

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As a mere teenager, Greta Thunberg made it her life’s mission to speak out against the ever-growing climate crisis, sparking a movement of protests and change. Her message isn’t just for adults, but children too, and her story is now more accessible than ever.

Set in a world where “Giants” are cutting down a forest to build their homes, Greta is a young girl living within the trees. As the Giants’ towns grow into cities, Greta’s home in the forest shrinks. Greta comes up with a plan to stop them, not just to save her home, but to protect the animals living within it.

The book even comes with a guide for how YOU can help Greta in her fight. It is also printed sustainably on 100% recycled paper. If you’re looking to do your part this Earth Day, and in the days thereafter, following Greta’s example is a great start!


4. ‘Judy Moody Saves the World’ by Megan McDonald

Judy Moody saves the world

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The beloved Judy Moody is back again, but this time with her sights set on saving the world! After losing a comic strip competition with her slogan, “Heal the World,” Judy decides to move on to bigger and better things: saving the environment. As Judy learns more and more about the state of the world—its destroyed rainforests, endangered species, and poor recycling habits—she decides to take matters into her own hands.

Funny and relatable, Judy Moody has always been a favorite of mine. This book is not only educational but also shows that even a young girl like Judy can take action against the climate crisis. Judy will inspire your kids, and maybe even you too!

5. ‘Just a Dream’ by Chris van Allsburg

Just a Dream

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Just a Dream begins with a young kid, Walter, going about his everyday life. However, when he goes to sleep at night, he wakes up to find himself in a polluted dream world. Seeing this opens Walter’s eyes and prompts him to change his lifestyle. 

It’s easy to forget the damage we can wreak with simple things like littering or wasting water. Just a Dream reminds us that the little things matter and that taking small steps towards sustainability can still make a difference.

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