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Judy Blume

Become a Judy Blume Protégé in Her New Masterclass

Throughout my childhood, like so many other bookworms, Judy Blume was one of my favorite authors. Her series, Tales of A Fourth Grade Nothing brought some much-needed hilarity to my school days.


I was captivated by the range of issues she represented, from satirical sibling relationships (that strangely made me want a younger sibling to have fun disputes with) to serious issues such as sexuality, maturity, and relationships.


I learned so much from her literary works and now, as a writer, I am ecstatic to announce that writers out there will have the opportunity to take a MasterClass taught by Blume herself!



“I hope that, in sharing with you what I’ve learned over 50 years of writing, that it will help you find your way as a writer,” Blume said.


The iconic author is known for bridging the gap between adolescents everywhere and “taboo” conversations surrounding what it means to grow up. 


“As a 12-year-old, I was obsessed by the idea of growing breasts and getting my period. But there was no place that I could read about it. When I started to write, I was determined to be honest,” she said.


MasterClass is an online educational platform that provides a range of classes taught by prominent figures from Martin Scorsese to Christina Aguilera. 


Blume’s lessons will help aspiring writers to learn the basics of the writing process and polish up their skills in various areas. 


“I’m going to share with you the practical side of writing: process, story, voice, editing, dialogue, and character. There’s nothing more important than character. You’re living with these people for years. You had better feel for them.”


The class is scheduled to begin in early 2018. For more information click here.


Featured Images Via David Bertozzi/Scholastic