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5 Books That Capture The Immigrant Experience

This list of five books- comprised of novels, nonfiction, and children's stories- explores the immigrant experience from multiple perspectives and points all over the world. Pick up one of these enlightening reads and enjoy an entertaining while educating adventure!

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This New Novel Explores America’s Fraught History Of Immigration With Cuba

Imagine a world in which your home has been ravaged by warfare and rioting, and all sense of freedom seems lost but for a faint glimmer of hope on the sunlit waves of the ocean. Cunningham's new novel, The Last Raft, details the tensions of the massive exodus in which 100,000 Cubans emigrated to the United States by way of make-shift rafts- with 50,000 being detained in a makeshift tent city in Miami- where mounting civil unrest was caused by America’s political divide on how to hinder Fidel Castro’s regime.

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