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Ron Weasley, making a displeased face

Here’s Why JK Rowling Almost Killed Ron Weasley

While it’s true that the beloved trio of Harry Potter protagonists suffers pretty significantly in every instalment, an actual death would have been too much for fans to take. It was bad enough when Hedwig died—worse still when fans had to suffer through every agonizing second of Dobby’s seriously unfortunate demise. Fortunately, nothing permanently bad ever happened to any of them (besides, of course, the dead parents, the forcing your parents to forget you’re alive, the extremely dead brother). But we came pretty close to what would have been the most horrifying book of the series: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Children’s Tears.


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JK Rowling initially planned for none among the trio to die—it was the least she could do, given all the characters she didn’t spare. (Fred? Dumbledore?? Sirius???) But as she struggled emotionally during the course of her writing, the story began to take a darker turn. She revealed:


Midway through, which I think is a reflection of the fact that I wasn’t in a very happy place, I started thinking I might polish one of them off. Out of sheer spite. But I think in my absolute heart of heart of hearts, although I did seriously consider killing Ron, [I wouldn’t have done it].


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Though this is one of the darker details that didn’t make it into the final version of the series, it’s not the only one—just the worst! Since the series’ release, Rowling has revealed many more details that fans would have loved to see in the series. (An actually gay Dumbledore, anyone? You still have your chance, JK.) One such revelation was more amusing than many of the others: that Rowling always considered Ron Weasley “a boy who would definitely swear.” Unfortunately, her editors considered him a boy who definitely didn’t—at least, not in front of the series’ young, impressionable readers.


We’re lucky that Ron didn’t die, but we all also wish we could have seen (or heard!) him follow the f*cking spiders.




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J.K. Rowling Tweets About the Unsanitary Truth of Hogwarts

After many announcements this year, J. K. Rowling is at it again, revealing the secrets from Harry Potter that we didn’t know we needed! Or do we…?


Needless to say, Harry Potter has always been relevant given its extremely popular status and its huge movie franchise. But another way that Harry Potter has managed to stay in our everyday newsfeed is the use of the Pottermore Twitter account that gives us all the out-of-the-box details about our favorite wizard and his adventures.


The Pottermore Twitter account tweeted this weekend, on National Trivia Day nonetheless, that “Hogwarts didn’t have any bathrooms. Before adopting Muggle Plumbing methods in the eighteenth century, witches and wizards simply relieved themselves wherever they stood, and vanished the evidence. #nationaltriviaday”.


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While the idea is an interesting one, many HP fans were NOT impressed.



From constructive criticism:



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To spells of their own:



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And even some friendly advice:



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Needless to say, no matter the protest from many fans, this tweet is here to stay and we kind of wish it wasn’t.




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All the Harry Potter Titles If They Were About Other Characters

Harry Potter is an iconic book series, quickly becoming one of the most successful series of all time. It’s no surprise that this series has it’s lasted this long; how could it not between the movies, merch and of course, the books themselves. One of the things that makes the series is its intriguing titles. However, in each instance, there are so many possible titles that these books could have.  Considering there are even memes of the titles such as “Harry Potter and the Audacity of This Bitch” floating around social media, what would the Harry Potter titles look like if they were written about the other characters and not Harry? Do you think Harry would mind?


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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

-Ron Wesley and the Time Harry Almost Killed Him Over a Game of Chess 


Ron, a loyal friend to Harry from the very beginning. Right off the bat they became friends and right off the bat Harry gets him into a whole lot of crazy situations Between the three-headed dog and the killer vines that like to strangle you to death. Ron still sticks around and puts his life on the line during a super intense game of chess. The MVP of book one could have easily been Ron.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

-Tom Riddle and the Time Harry Potter Stole His Diary


Stealing a diary is totally Mean Girls– the diary being the Wizarding equivalent of the Burn Book! .Without Tom Riddle’s diary, Harry would have never made it to the Chamber of Secrets, and we wouldn’t have a story.


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

-Hermione Ganger and the Time She Fucked With Time Travel


Hermione spent this entire book going back in time,  then using it for her own benefit and keeping time travel a secret from her friends and loved ones. If this doesn’t sound like the plot to almost every time travel movie I don’t know what does. Plus with Hermione being such an interesting and deep character, it definitely would have made for a HP worthy book.


Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

-Cedric Digory and the Graveyard of Wizard Nazis


Cedric Digory, just minding his own business, learning spells, and participating in school activities. As a Hufflepuff, he embodied friendship and loyalty which is why hw and Harry decided to win he tri-wizard cup together, instead of fighting for it further. BUT OF COURSE, POOR CEDRIC FINDS HIMSELF ALL MIXED UP IN HARRY’S DRAMA, and in a graveyard of the most evil people in the wizarding community, he is murdered.


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 

-Albus Dumbledore and the Time They Tried to Replace ME 


Lets face it, Dumbledore needed his own book title, what better book than the one in which they tired to REPLACE our beloved headmaster!? The book in which we learned there is only one Dumbledore and though he is a complicated man, his shoes cannot be filled.


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 

-Draco Malfoy and His Father, Who Will Hear About This. 


Throughout every single book, Draco finds himself uttering his most iconic phrase, never letting down his audience. It’s only fitting that he should get his own book title.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

-Neville LongBottom and the Day He Stood Up for Himself


Neville has an extremely pivotal moment in this novel where the boy who we all knew throughout the books, he stands up for himself and others which changed the tone of the final battle in this series.



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J.K. Rowling Has Finished Writing the Third Fantastic Beasts Installment!

Since its debut this past November, Harry Potter fans have been walking out of theaters with a lot of differing opinions on Rowling’s film Crimes of Grindlewald.


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I went to see it myself, and honestly loved it; and while I do see why people are saying it’s not the most “fantastic” movie out there, I think many agree that the end leaves us wanting more, in a good way!


Well our wishes have been granted!


J. K. Rowling, author of the beloved Harry Potter series has announced that the third installment of the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them saga has been written!


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The reveal happened this past Monday, after a fan tweeted her love for the Fantastic Beasts film Crimes of Grindlewald.  Rowling revealed the news while responding to praise of the most recent film.



Fans immediately flocked to Rowling’s tweet , expressing joy and excitement.




With the announcement of the screenplay being finished for the third film, there are so many questions we have! One thing we know for sure is this…



What a way to fuel the fire! Hopefully it won’t be too long until the filming wraps up, but I’m definitely getting ahead of myself.




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J.K. Rowling (R) and her former Assistant (L)

J.K. Rowling Suing Former Assistant for Buying Cosmetics, Cats, and Candles

A lot is going on for J.K. Rowling at the moment, what with the recent publication of Lethal White, the most recent Robert Galbraith book, and the approaching premiere of The Controversies Crimes of Grindelwald. And now she’s got one more item on her list: a lawsuit against her former personal assistant, Amanda Donaldson, for over $30,000.


Rowling is accusing Donaldson of taking advantage of her access to Rowling’s personal bank accounts by using them to buy herself fancy makeup, fancy candles, and two fancy cats. It is currently unknown whether the cats were bought together or if the second cat was purchased after it was decided that a single cat was not enough.


Amanda Donaldson

Amanda the Menace | Image Via The Sun


Donaldson is defending herself by claiming that all expenses were business-related. Clearly these were business cats, you guys.


In the interest of playing fair to both parties, here’s a hot take: maybe just let her have it? I mean really, who is she hurting? Listen, I have no idea how many dollars (or pounds, I suppose) an assistant makes, but probably not as much as J.K. Rowling. According to Forbes, she was worth $650 million dollars last year; that is an amount of money my tiny poor brain can’t even conceptualize. Also, J.K. Rowling didn’t even notice the money was missing! These expenses were brought to her attention by accountants, because of course if you are making an amount of money up in the high hundred millions, you’re hardly going to miss 30k. By the way, by my calculations, 30k is only 0.00461538461538% of 650 million.


I cannot help but admire Donaldson in all this, I mean, two cats! Joanne the Scammer would be proud. Maybe I’m projecting.


Joanne the scammer saying "yes!"

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Kidding aside, the lawsuit matters more in the principal sense than the fiduciary sense. While I’m sure Rowling is not terribly put out by the financial loss, the invasion of privacy conducted by Donaldson is certainly troubling. The lawsuit is likely going to be a long one, as lawsuits always are, but hopefully a solution is found eventually.




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