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‘Marvel’s Jessica Jones’ Prepares for One Final Confrontation

The cancellation of Netflix’s Marvel shows, Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones have left many Marvel fans saddened that this darker, mini-MCU won’t continue. The latter series is the only one with a final season on the way, so fans still have one last crop of episodes to look forward to.


The Defenders. Image Via Syfy Wire


A short teaser was released by Netflix earlier today. In it, Jessica Jones is being stalked by a psychopath who claims she is a fraud. Now, Jessica must repair her fractured relationship with her former friend Trish so that they can both take him down before it’s too late.


The short teaser also confirmed the release date: all episodes of the season will be available on June 14th. You can watch it here:



Are you excited for Jessica Jones’s final season?



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Marvel Serial Box

Marvel Will Release New Stories on Innovative E-Book Platform!

NY Times reports that Serial Box, a digital service that delivers books in weekly chapter instalments, will collaborate with Marvel to publish original content with its iconic characters.

Former global digital director of Penguin Random House Molly Barton (Not related to Hawkeye / Clint Barton) created Serial Box in 2015. Since its inception, the company has gained recognition for applying the TV series distribution model to its books. Readers can purchase “episodes” or entire “seasons” at affordable prices: think $1.99 for the e-book and audiobook versions of any individual episode.


marvel serial box

Image via Den of Geek


“We are really focused on the commute and the idea that people have a short window of time in their day where you can make your content fit that window,” Barton told NY Times.

Serial Box currently has two dozen series available, its genres ranging from fantasy and sci-fi to mystery or procedurals. Thor will be the first Marvel franchise to receive the serialized book treatment in the summer, followed by releases for Black Panther, Black Widow, and Jessica Jones.

Also, although Serial Box has yet to release its official announcement, Barton has stated that some of the company’s series would be adapted for television. Whether or not this includes the Marvel Serial Box titles is unknown, but they would be a great addition to the upcoming MCU shows that will reach Disney’s streaming service. And we can hope.



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