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Jane Austen Fans Now Have a Theme Park!

If you’re a Jane Austen fan, it might be time to book a flight to Vermont. For a long time, the most devoted “Janeites” made their pilgrimage to Bath to take part in the annual Jane Austen Festival. But now, there’s an opportunity for fans to live like the characters in Austen’s novels in Hyde Park, Vermont.


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Meet Governor’s House: a yellow, Georgian-style mansion tailor-made to imitate the world of Austen’s beloved novels. The house, owned by Suzanne Boden, invites Janeites from around the world to step into their favorite novels.

Boden had the idea to start hosting weekends for Jane Austen’s one day outside Governor’s House:


I was outside hanging tablecloths on the clothesline against the backdrop of Governor’s House, and I was listening to some music through the window, which happened to be Mozart. From the back of the house, you can’t see anything that’s modern because of the trees. And I thought: ‘I could be Jane Austen! And someone else might want to come and be Austen, too.’


Apparently, quite a few readers agreed! Boden’s been hosting Jane Austen weekends and Downton Abbey experience for a little more than a decade.


It’s an escape…It’s about going back in time. It’s a chance to dress up. Most of all, it’s a chance to be with, and interact with, other Austen fans, who always have a lot to say. It’s unusual if someone goes home without a long list of book recommendations or film recommendations from new friends.


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Guests can totally immerse themselves in the experience by learning how to live life like Jane. Guests get English dance lessons and, of course, afternoon tea. They even get to learn how to write with a quill  and fold paper the way Austen did, before envelopes were even invented. Who knows, you may even meet your own Mr. Darcy while taking a horse-drawn carriage ride!

There are over 79 regional groups in the Jane Austen Society of North America across the U.S. and Canada, and Boden’s events have attracted fans from as far away as Texas!

“Everybody loves Jane Austen!” says Boden, “She gets right to the heart of things. On the surface, it looks like a little romance, but there are so many layers in her works, which have been translated into – well, how many languages are there in the world? Although it’s very British, she doesn’t mention anything going on politically … so it could be set anywhere.”


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Reporters at The Guardian recently went to Governor’s House to interview the people participating in an Austen weekend’s festivities. One fan in particular, Lena Ruth Yasutake, mentioned how her love for Jane Austen’s novels began:


I pushed through my dyslexia to finish Emma because I loved the story so much. It was my ‘gateway drug’ into Austen.


At the end of Boden’s weekends, she gives her guests a quiz over Sunday brunch. Throughout the weekend, she might drop a few hints here and there that are answers to the quiz. But beware, there are some serious consequences if you end up flunking:


If you flunk, you get the greatest prize of all: you get to reread the novel.


What do you think? Would you ever head over to Hyde Park, Vermont for a weekend of sense and sensibility? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram!


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Pick A Halloween Candy And We’ll Give You A Book!



Quiz – What’s Your Period Drama Trope?

Based on this comic by Emily’s Cartoons.

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Five More Pride and Prejudice Memes

We all love Pride and Prejudice, and one list just wasn’t enough. Has anything been more embraced? More memed? There’s just something about this book. And don’t get me started on the movies. That’s controversy I don’t need. Though there are probably an endless number of god tier Pride and Prejudice memes, but I’m only human, so here are five.


He’s a Smooth Man

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He has to know he has no idea how to small talk. Has he met himself? Has he even seen the show? He was like, you know what I need? To endear myself to this woman. What are my most charming skills? Oh, I know, saying absolutely nothing and being nice. What could be better than mixing them? Nice house, also I’m in love with you. I guess at least he’s being positive for once.


Surprisingly Valid

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Poor Elizabeth’s expression just communicates so much. Am I mad though? It’s true, her mom is a terrifying person whose energy is hard to deal with, but she does care. A lot. Too much. It’s INCURABLE. Obviously Elizabeth didn’t want Darcy to talk shit about her mum, but wasn’t he kind of right? It’s like she makes peace with her mother’s eccentricity just out of spite. What an icon.



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Oh, sure, it’s accurate, but it’s so short and simple! Mr. Collins would never be so to the point. He would just max out the word limit and then talk to customer service to see if he could write more. He didn’t even mention Catherine de Berg once. It could never happen. Please, though? I confess, I don’t remember if he begged, but it feels perfectly accurate.


Coping Well

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Just reacting the way any functioning adult would to the presence of their crush. Just mentally yelling at yourself to be cool, and  covering your entire face. All his mystery and mystique is just the the panic of an absolute nerd. This man is doing his absolute best, and I think that’s admirable. Sure, he’s failing catastrophically,  but he’s trying. I think we can all relate.


Situationally Appropriate

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To be real, if someone confessed their adoration to me, I’d turn into Gonzo too. Me? My me? There’s also the element of outrageous insults leading into it. Nothing like getting mad at your nemesis insulting people you care about, and then they beg you to marry them. There might be weirder situations, but I don’t know what they could possibly be.




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Escape The Pumpkin Spice With These Hulu & Netflix Releases

With September comes cold sweater weather. If you find yourself missing Summer already, blast the heat and bingewatch some Netflix and Hulu in your bikini!


For September we are including Hulu releases as well as Netflix. We have to be inclusive after all!


We’ve put every new release into categories and included the Netflix and Hulu release dates to boot! Click on the titles or where it says “book” or “novel” to either the watch film/show trailer or to purchase the original book.




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The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers – based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s second novel of his epic fantasy trilogy(September 1st, Netflix)

The Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King – based on J. R. R. Tolkien’s novel, and the final book of the LOTR trilogy (September 1st, Netflix)





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The Walking Dead (Season 9) – based on the comic series by Robert Kirkman (September 1st, Netflix)

The Dark Half – based on Stephen King’s novel of the same title (September 1st, Hulu)





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American Psycho – based on the novel by Bret Easton Ellis (September 1st, Netflix)

Basic Instinct  – based on the novel by Richard Osborne (September 1st, Hulu)





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My Sister’s Keeper – based on the novel by Jodi Picoult (September 1st, Netflix)

Disturbing Behavior – based on the novel by John Whitman (September 1st, Hulu)

Emma – based on Jane Austen’s novel Emma (September 1st, Hulu)



For Children


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Igor – inspired by the novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelly (September 1st, Netflix)

Pinnocchio – based on The Adventures of Pinnocchio by Carlo Collodi(September 1st, Hulu)

Archibald’s Next Big Thing (Season 1) – based on the children’s book written by Tony Hale and Tony Biaggne (September 6th, Hulu)

Curious George: A Royal Monkey – based on the Curious George books by H. A. Rey (September 10th, Hulu)




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