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Jacqueline Wilson’s ‘Four Kids and It’ Film in the Works

Jacqueline Wilson is a distinguished British children’s novelist. Her works explore realist themes like adoption, divorce, mental illness, which sometimes cause controversy. Her stories, especially the Tracy Beaker series, have been adapted into several TV series like The Story of Tracy Beaker, Tracy Beaker Returns, The Dumping Ground, The Tracy Beaker Survival Files.


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is the first time a feature film has been produced of her work. Producer Anne Brogan comments on Wilson’s works that: 


We’ve made television singles of two of [Wilson’s] books … This is the first feature film, so she’s naturally very excited…One of the things that makes her stories so perfect when you’re a child reading them … is that [they] are very intimate. They’re very much about the minutiae of children’s lives and their relationships with their parents. Although that works very well for an episodic story form on television, it just doesn’t deliver a big enough story for the screen.


Published in 2012,  Four Kids and Iis based on Five Children and It (1902) written by E. Nesbit, a British author and poet. In one interview with The Guardian, Wilson noted that:


She [Nesbit] wasn’t above borrowing ideas from other authors, so I didn’t think she’d mind too much if I wrote a modern book … starring her cantankerous magical wish-granting creature, the Psammead…I’m thrilled that it’s going to be a film now. I think families will love seeing how all the wishes go hilariously wrong.


Wait, who’s Psammead? Psammead is the “it” in Four Kids and It - a soul character in both Nesbit and Wilson’s stories. Psammead is a magical, sandy, and grumpy creature who Rosalind and Robbie encounter when they are complaining about getting trapped in their dad and “new” mom’s summerhouse with “new” younger sisters: Smash and Maudie. On afternoon, when they go out for picnic, they suddenly dig out Psammead which can make any wish come true. How do the four kids deal with this mysteries creature? How does their oil-and-water sibling relationship go with the development of the plot? I believe those are the heart-warming flickers that you need to check out in Wilson’s book and the upcoming film.


So far, the cast of the new movie includes Sir Michael Caine, Bill Nighy, Matthew Goode, and Russel Brand.


I’m looking forward to this appealing film adaptation based on Wilson’s delicate story. Are you?



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