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New Stephen King Book Cover Revealed!

A new Stephen King novel is always something to get excited about, and his latest one definitely sounds like a real page-turner.

King has revealed the cover of his new novel The Institute, which tells the story of a boy named Luke with special powers who is kidnapped and sent to a facility. As other children at the facility start to disappear, Luke must find a way to escape.

King has described the novel as a battle of “good vs. evil” with a story “as psychically terrifying as Firestarter, and with the spectacular kid power of It

Announced in late January, the cover of the novel was revealed in an exclusive interview with Entertainment Weekly.


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The book will be available September 10th.


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6 Chilling Book Recommendations Based On Your Favorite Spooky TV Shows

We love Halloween- it’s scary, campy, and you can be whatever you want to be (which you can mostly do all the time, unless what you want to be is a ghoul or a sexier version of something decidedly unsexy). Unfortunately, getting down to the last episode of your favorite show is not the fun kind of scary. But if your show is on this list, here are some spooky, whacky, and genuinely frightening reads to tide you over.



Buffy the Vampire Slayer


The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness



Those of us with Buffy nostalgia face a challenge that can be scarier than the show itself- the fact that the show’s been finished since 2003. But if you can’t live without the misadventures of the teens quietly (and sometimes NOT so quietly) defending Sunnydale from monsters, why not explore an untold part of that story?


Patrick Ness’ The Rest of Us Just Live Here explores the lives of background characters in a nondescript town like Sunnydale for those of us who have never fought a vampire with our bare hands (or, you know, with anything else). Teenagers beset with their own slew of issues try to exist as the Chosen Ones deal with their zombie cops and spooky blue lights from outer space. This genre-bending book merges fantasy with reality as Ness explores how ordinary human lives fit in with the high stakes of genre fiction.





Vicious by V.E. Schwab



Unlike with Buffy, anyone who watches Supernatural knows there’s no shortage of content. Now entering its fourteenth season, the cult classic has thrilled viewers since 2005 with its story of two inseparable brothers who save lives, hunt monsters, make questionable choices, and fight with each other nonstop.


V.E. Schwab’s Vicious is a twist on the typical superhero story, following two former classmates who were once as close as brothers. When a string of bad decisions puts the friends in uncomfortably close contact with the world of the supernatural, some lives are saved- and others are lost. The mercurial relationship between Schwab’s protagonists may remind you of Supernatural‘s infamous brothers, and the hunting definitely will.



Stranger Things


It by Stephen King



This hit TV show taps into 80s nostalgia in a serious way, and so modern books just won’t always sate your craving. You can take the edge off this with a book with the story that inspired last fall’s pop culture phenomenon: Stephen King’s IT.


Written in 1990 and set in the mid 80s, the story also focuses on a gang of kids taking on a threat that adults in town don’t understand. Featuring a familiar camaraderie, the Losers try to stop the entity that they have discovered, attempting to save both their town and themselves. And is there collateral damage? Well, isn’t there always?


The Walking Dead


Zone One by Colson Whitehead



Zombies might seem to be the territory of genre fiction and pop culture, but that isn’t always the case. Literary superstar Colson Whitehead’s Zone One blends genre and literary fiction as it explores not the zombie apocalypse exactly, but what happens after.


With the mixture of tenderness and violence that viewers expect from The Walking Dead, Whitehead explicitly wanders into the thematic landscape of zombies, discussing at length the kind of moral and existential questions that many zombie stories only hint at.


American Horror Story


The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern



It might be hard to decide what will get you your AHS fix, given the wide range of premises the show offers. Erin Morgenstern’s The Night Circus shares a similar versatility, blending elements of magic and witchcraft (like AHS season 3) with the creepy aesthetic of a sinister traveling circus (season 4). With a flair for the strange, cruel, and dramatic, The Night Circus’ range of amoral characters and tragically doomed human connections are reminiscent of all seasons of AHS.


Black Mirror

Uglies by Scott Westerfeld



While not explicitly a horror show, Black Mirror’s one-off dystopian plot lines terrify audiences with their creativity… and plausibility. Often focusing on motifs of alienation and technology, the show provides us with a horrifying reality that we both can and cannot imagine. A YA classic, Scott Westerfeld’s Uglies depicts a dystopian world in which, on their sixteenth birthday, teenagers undergo surgery to become Pretties- artificially enhanced beautiful people with equally beautiful lives (sounds exactly like being sixteen, right?). Unfortunately, life is not quite as beautiful as it appears. And unfortunately, that’s not all the surgery does.



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Latest ‘IT: Chapter 2’ Casting Hints at LGBT Storyline

The cast for IT: Chapter 2 just keeps growing, with Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader among the actors billed to portray the grown up Losers Club, and the latest casting decision has given rise to speculation that an LGBT storyline present in Stephen King’s novel may be included in the upcoming film. 


It has just been announced that actors Taylor Frey and Xavier Dolan will play Don Hagarty and Adrian Mellon, two characters who,in the books, are in a relationship and face serious homophobia in Derry, before meeting a tragic and untimely end, which prompts the Losers Club to assemble once more in order to fight the demon. 


Production on the sequel to 2017’s incredibly popular remake of IT, with cast members such as Jessica Chastain posting about it on social media. 




LOSERS Shoot Day 1 ✔

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It Chapter Two

‘IT: Chapter Two’ Finally Finds Its Eddie and Stanley

It was the breakout movie of 2017, and IT: Chapter Two should be no different, considering it’s one of the most anticipated movies coming up, especially with the cast they’re pulling together. Chapter One brought to life the first half of Stephen King’s terrifying novel, following a group of children terrorized by Pennywise the Clown. Chapter Two will take on the second half of the novel, with the now-grown children returning to their hometown to face Pennywise for a second time.


Jessica Chastain’s casting has been called a dream come true, but the rest of the cast is still up in the air. Two more names have signed onto the movie, though unfortunately not the ones we’ve been hoping for: Bill Hader and James McAvoy have not yet turned rumors to truth by officially joining the cast. We’re still hopeful.


James Ransone

Image via Indiewire


James Ransone, of The Wire and Sinister fame, has been cast as Eddie Kasprak. The casting was confirmed by Ransone in a now-deleted tweet, “removed to avoid any confusion”, according to the actor. Ransone is no stranger to horror films, appearing in Sinister and starring in Sinister 2, and we have total faith in his acting chops for this role.


Andy Bean

Image via Geeks of Color


The second actor to join the cast is Andy Bean, who will play the now-grown Stanley Uris. Fans of the book will know what to expect with this casting, while those who have not yet read the novel can expect to be surprised – or scared. Either way, it’ll be a thrill.


With Ransone and Bean signing on, the only characters still in search of casting are Mike and Ben, so we know who to expect Bill Hader and James McAvoy to play if (when) they join the cast. Please, join the cast.


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Sophia Lillis, image via Variety

‘IT’ Star Sophia Lillis Cast as Nancy Drew in New Adaptation

Last summer, part one of the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s novel IT made a killing at the box office. The film’s young and vibrant cast included Sophia Lillis, who took on the role of Beverly Marsh, the only female member of a gang of teenage misfits.


Throughout the film, Beverly Marsh and the self-named gaggle of ‘Losers’ take on bullies of all shapes and sizes: classmates, a shape-shifting clown demon, and Beverly’s creepy and abusive father. While many scenes in the film highlighted Beverly’s strength and bravery, critics have pointed out that a large portion of the film casts her as an object of sexual desire and a damsel in distress. 


Despite these potential problems, Sophia Lillis gave arguably the most memorable, genuine, and dynamic performance in the film. Vanity Fair even called her the ‘heart and soul of the Losers’ Club.’


Screenshot from the It film

Image via Digital Spy 


Fans of Lillis don’t have to wait for part two of the IT adaptation to see her again on the big screen. Lillis is set to star in the title role of Warner Bro’s Nancy Drew and The Hidden Staircase, based on the 1930 mystery book. 


The film will be co-produced by Ellen DeGeneres. And luckily, Sophia Lillis’ new role won’t put her in the position of damsel in distress— Nancy Drew is a fiercely independent and intelligent sleuth. We can’t wait to see Lillis’ take on such an iconic character. 


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