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New Releases in Fantasy This Week!

It’s a good week to read some Fantasy novels! These five fantasy novels are some great ones to add to your TBR. A good fantasy novel is always a great find, and we love to escape into these amazing worlds and become part of an amazing story.


1. Woven into Moonlight, by Isabel Ibanez

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Woven into Moonlight follows Ximena as she stands in for the last remaining Illustrian royal, Condesa. Atoc caused an uproar using an ancient relic ghosts that drove the Illustrians and her family away. Now, Atoc wants to marry the real Condesa, but it is Ximena duty to do it for her, and when Ximena learns that Atoc doesn’t have the relic with him, she uses this opportunity to find it and return it to it’s rightful place. Ximena uses her weaving ability to help her find the relic, but with any journey comes some obstacles. Amasked man, a princess, and a healer get in her way, and things get more complicated. She learns she can prevent another war, but only if she turns her back on revenge and the Condesa.


2. The Night Country, by Melissa Albert

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The Night Country is a sequel to the novel The Hazel Wood, and follows Alice Proserpine as she dives back into a world of dark fairy tales. She and Ellery Flinch learn that The Hazel Wood was just the beginning. Ellery helped Alice escape a dark legacy her grandmother left behind, and now Alice and the rest of the fairy tale world have washed up in New York. Alice is trying to rebuild her life without magic, but she learns someone is stalking the survivors of Hinterland, the place Ellery helped her escape from. Now she must find out if these deaths have a darker purpose.


3. The Conference of the Birds, by Ransom Riggs

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The Conference of the Birds is the fifth installment in the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series. With enemies behind, all that’s left for Jacob is the unknown. He, and readers, must now take a leap into this next installment in the best selling series. More Peculiar things lie ahead.


4. A Heart so Fierce and Broken, by Brigid Kemmerer

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A Heart so Fierce and Broken follows Prince Rhen as he deals with rumors circulating the kingdom that he isn’t the true heir. There is also rumors of forbidden magic that has been unleashed in Emberfall. So, Prince Rhen has lot to deal with, especially since Grey, his guardsman, is missing. Even though Harper is by his side, all Rhen has is more questions than answers. Grey is on the run because he is rumored to be the heir, and because he destroyed Lilith. He doesn’t want to challenge Rhen for the throne, but Karis is trying to take over Emberfall, despite her daughter’s protest. Now, Lia has to convince Grey to challenge Rhen for the throne to stop her mother from taking over Emberfall.


5. Scavenge the Stars, by Tara Sim

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Scavenge the Stars follows Amaya, who has been held captive for years on a debtor ship. When Amaya saves a man from drowning, he offers her riches and a new life in return, complete with a new identity. So, Amaya sets off through the coastal city-state of Moray, and the only thing she wants is revenge against the man that ruined her life and her family. Along the way she becomes lost in a game of deception, and she meets a man who just so happens to be the son of her greatest enemy. Amaya begins to realize she can’t trust anyone.


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New Books to Read Under Your Desk

So, we’re back to school. Some of us, anyway. Regardless of when you go back, you’re going to need something to read under your desk when you’re supposed to be learning. Here are some new releases to get excited about.


Scavenge the Stars 

Release: January 7th

Amaya has been imprisoned on a debtor’s ship for years. When she saves a drowning stranger, she thinks it will lead only to longer internment. The man she saved, though, has the resources to help her, and offers her a new life. Surrounded even as she is by opulence, all she can think of is revenge against the man who ruined her and her family.


Woven in Moonlight 

Release: January 7th

Ximena is the decoy Condesa of an occupied land. Sold into marriage to protect the last blood countess, she must find the ghost summoning relic that conquered her land and smuggle it to the resistance. But is another war what her people need, or should it be avoided, even if doing what’s best for her people means betraying everything else?



Release: January 21st

Diz is a thief of magic, a lucrative trade since it’s commodification following a devastating magical plague. But it’s harder to escape from the life than she and her friends anticipate, especially when the magical secrets they uncover keep getting stranger and more dangerous. What was the plague, and why was magic locked away as a resource for the powerful?


Seven Deadly Shadows 

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Release: January 28th

Kira could always see Youkai, and between this, bullies at school, and her parents’ indifference, her only refuge is her grandfather’s shrine. She loses even this when she learns the Demon King will rise to end the world, and all he needs is a relic from her shrine. For help in protecting the relic, she recruits seven death gods, but their motivations are suspect, and danger could come from any side.


Blood Countess 

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Release: January 28th

Historical fiction takes on the real life vampire Elizabeth Bathory. Alright, so that’s apocryphal, but she was one of the most prolific serial killers in history. A lowly maid, Anna, is catapulted into the countess’ inner circle, and thinks herself unimaginably lucky. That is, until she realizes that she’s in danger, and the countess’ everyday cruelty is just the preview to the torture and murder of girls like her.


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