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Aaron Taylor-Johnson Cast as Kraven the Hunter

Aaron Taylor-Johnson joins the Spider-Man universe as Kraven the Hunter. Who is Kraven? What will the film be about exactly? Find out here.

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‘The Story of Marvel Studios’ Book Now Available for Pre-Order

If you’ve seen every Marvel film more times than you can count, and have always wanted to learn everything about how your favorite superhero movies were made, then you’re in luck! Marvel is releasing a two-volume history chronicling the making of the iconic Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films!

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Iron Man Is Being Rebooted!

Marvel Comics is bringing Tony Stark back to his roots, in a brand new series aptly titled Iron Man. This reboot will see Tony Stark reprising his role as Iron Man in a brand new suit designed by legendary comic book artist Alex Ross. 

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For those of you who may not be aware, Tony Stark has had quite a different journey in the comics in recent years as compared to his cinematic counterpart, including but not limited to being killed, resurrected as an artificial intelligence, and the leader of a robotic revolution against his brother Arno Stark. However, this new series will once again put the “man” back in “Iron Man”, which will be written by Christopher Cantwell and illustrated by CAFU (or Carlos Alberto Fernandez Urbano, for those who are unaware).

Cantwell, who’s worked on the Eisner-nominated Doctor Doom miniseries as well as the excellent She Could Fly from Dark Horse Comics said that he wants to explore Stark’s identity and public perception, while Tony will be stripping the idea of Iron Man down to it’s “metal core.” 

I’m over the moon about getting a shot at writing the Golden Avenger. Since Bob Layton’s art in the 1980s captured my imagination as a kid, I’ve been fascinated by Iron Man, and in this new story run I’m aiming to explore the question: who should Iron Man be today? An angel? A god? Or just a humble man? Tony’s going to try and strip the idea of Iron Man all the way down to its metal core, something that will constantly be at odds with his giant ego. We’ll see if he can truly keep his arrogant self-image in check, even as others with god complexes set their sights on the entire universe.” 

Iron Man #1 will be coming to stores this September. While this is by far not the first time Tony Stark has been rebooted (He’s existed since 1963, after all), it is an opportunity for people who are only a fan of the character thanks to his cinematic portrayal by Robert Downey Junior to check out his trials and tribulations in the comics, and not have to read the last decade of material to follow. For those who have fallen in love with the MCU and now want to read the source material they were based on, this September you’ll be able to begin your journey with the classic tale of Tony Stark, billionaire, playboy, genius, philanthropist! 

Check out the trailer for the new series here, which showcases Ross’ design, while giving readers a closer look at what they might expect.


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