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Varys Actor Conleth Hill ‘Disappointed’ With Last Few Seasons

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Varys actor Conleth Hill provided his thoughts on his time on Game of Thrones and not all were positive. Hill revealed he was ‘disappointed’ with the final few seasons of the show, and was upset about Varys’s death, specifically, he was saddened that Varys did not get to have a final scene with Littlefinger, as Littlefinger had been his nemesis.

Hill said he ‘kinda dropped off the edge’ after Season 6, noting Varys himself was also pushed to the sidelines and had not been focused on as much. Hill was frustrated by this but understood that, as a show about a great number of characters, he understood that not everyone could hold the spotlight. He said that though the last few seasons were not the best part of the experience, he thoroughly enjoyed his time on the show, over all.


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He noted his favorite Varys scenes involved talking with Tyrion as they traveled in the cart together across Westeros, but commented that he was “dismayed”  that Varys seemingly dulled a little in the later seasons, making mistakes he would not have previously made.

Still, Conleth Hill did say that his inclusion in the show was perhaps the high point of his career, saying it was surreal to be working on such on a huge show. His favorite moment was when they shot at Fair Head in Ireland, which is coincidentally where Hill grew up and where he first dreamed of being an actor.

Game of Thrones will air its final episode this Sunday at 9pm ET on HBO.


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Jamie Dornan, Holliday Grainger for ‘Outside Mullingar’ Adaptation

John Patrick Shanley’s play Outside Mullingar is getting a film adaptation!


Outside Mullingar, play-2

Image Via The New York Times

John Patrick Shanley, playwright, screenwriter, and director, has been awarded over the years across several different mediums.  His film 1987 film Moonstruck won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay and his 2004 play, Doubt: A Parable, won the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the 2005 Tony Award for Best Play.

Then came his 2014 play Outside Mullingar then proved to his best yet. The premise is that two farmers, Anthony and Rosemary, live next door to each other. Rosemary is head over heels for Anthony, but Anthony is unaware of this and he tries to escape his dull existence.

It’s a love story, essentially.


Outside Mullingar, play-2

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The play received considerable praise. The New York Times said that “Outside Mullingar… represents Mr. Shanley’s finest work since Doubt,” which is high praise considering Doubt: A Parable won a Pulitzer. USA Today even wrote that “…there are flecks of wisdom in his sweetly diverting study”.

If I got half that praise for something I’d wrote I’d consider myself successful.


Outside Mullingar, play

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Now Deadline has broke the news that the play is getting a film adaptation. “Who is the director?” I hear you asking. Well it’s none other than John Shanley himself.


Doubt, poster

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This won’t be the first time Shanley has adapted a play of his. Famously, he adapted Doubt: A Parable into a film renamed Doubt which stared acting giants Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman, which garnered five Oscar nominations.

Outside Mullingar will also be receiving a name change, possibly because as I type this article I have to constantly check for the correct spelling of ‘Mullingar’.

The film version will simply be titled Wild Mountain Thyme.

There has also been major casting news announced: Jamie Dornan and Holliday Grainger has been cast in the lead roles as Anthony and Rosemary.


Jamie Dornan

Image Via Capital FM

Jamie Dornan showed off his acting chops in A Private War


Holliday Grainger
Image Via Biography.com

…while Holliday Grainger proved to be powerhouse in the film version of Emma Jane Unworth’s Animals.

Filming for the Ireland-set film will begin in Ireland and New York this summer. If you’re from those two places, maybe you’ll get a chance to see these star-crossed lovers…


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‘Game of Thrones’ Tourism Makes Ireland €58 Million!

We have learned the startling news: Game of Thrones fans traveled from far and wide to Ireland to visit the show’s shooting locations, bringing in €58 million, equivalent to a startling $65,305,100.


Game of Thrones in Ireland-1

Image Via Belfast Telegraph

Straight from The Irish Times, we have learned that Game of Thrones fans made up of about 350,000 visitors, which is one in every six out-of-state tourists.

John McGrillen, chief executive of Tourism NI is quoted as saying:

“It has been a phenomenal success and it has been fantastic for Northern Ireland to be associated with this worldwide success over the past ten years. It has been so positive for Northern Ireland and HBO has been very, very good to us throughout this time.”

No kidding!

For those unaware, much of Game of Thrones‘ sets are actual locations, and Ireland is home to many of our favorite locations: including the Haunted Forest and the Kingsroad.

This is Kingsroad in the show:



Image Via Winter Is Coming.net

And this is Ireland’s “The Dark Hedges”.


Kingsroad in ireland

Image Via Trip Advisor

I want to go there.

Japan Today quotes tour guide by the name of Patrick Rogan who says, “We had people from Patagonia, from New Zealand, from Japan, from Russia, from South Korea and Europe, so I think that tells its own story.”

It seems industry is booming thanks to a TV series that gives the country publicity money just can’t buy—well, it can, but at least Ireland isn’t spending it.


Game of Thrones in Ireland-2

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But, I hear you ponder, what will happen when the show ends? After all, it’s still in its final season, and we don’t have any news about what’s going on with the Game of Thrones prequel.

Never fear!

John McGrillen, chief executive of Tourism in Northern Ireland, has calmed everyone’s worries with this quote:

“We’re going to have a permanent attraction in Northern Ireland for fans with the Game of Thrones legacy experiences. The first attraction – the Game of Thrones studio tour – is due to open in spring 2020 at the Linen Mill Studios in Banbridge….[t]his new 110,000sq ft interactive experience will give fans the opportunity to see behind the scenes how the series is made and feature many of the original props and costumes and sets from the series, which is going to be very exciting.”

It’s seems like Ireland is taking a page out of New Zeland’s playbook, given that they also have an attraction dedicated to Lord of Rings, showing off the sets and locations, complete with gift shops and food.



Lord of the Rings New Zealand tour

Image Via Fine Tours New Zealand

Despite being called ‘fantasy’, the genre of Fantasy gives us real world benefit besides escapism.


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‘American Crime Story’ Producers to Adapt ‘Say Nothing’ for FX

Brad Simpson and Nina Jacobson of the cable production company Color Force, creators of such shows as American Crime Story/Pose, have optioned the book Say Nothing: A True Story of Murder and Memory in Northern Ireland to develop as a limited series for FX. Simpson and Jacobson will serve as executive producers for the upcoming series, along with the book’s author Patrick Radden Keefe.


The cover to 'Say Nothing' by Patrick Radden Keefe
Image Via Goodreads


Say Nothing tells a true story about Northern Ireland during the Troubles, centering on the devastating killing of a thirty-eight year old mother Jean McConville. In 1972, McConville was dragged from her home by masked intruders. Rumored to be a British informant, she was never seen again…until 2003, when her remains were discovered on a beach. Keefe uses the murder of McConville to discuss Northern Ireland’s society at a time, painting a devastating picture of a society wracked by violence and guerrilla warfare.

The producers are excited about the project, saying the book works as both a crime thriller while also focussing on human drama. It remains relevant today, as fears grow of a resurgence of violence in Northern Ireland due to the impending Brexit.

All in all, this sounds like the perfect show to get excited for on FX. In the meantime, grab yourself a copy of Keefe’s book and read up before the show premieres!


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Ancient Book Proves Connection Between Medieval Irish Doctors and Islamic Culture through Missing Binder

The Independent reports that an ancient text has revealed a surprising connection between medieval Irish doctors and ancient Persia (now Iran) during an important age of Islamic learning. Professor Pádraig Ó Macháin of University College Cork’s Irish Department discovered that doctors in the 1400s were exploiting medical knowledge from Persia. The famous medical text Canon of Medicine by the Persian physician Ibn Sena (980-1037), also known as Avicenna, was used to train doctors in Ireland during the medieval times.


Image Via Independent.ie


The spine of the book was found to contain an Irish translation based on a Latin translation of Ibn Sena’s work.  Prof Ó Macháin said “the discovery underlined just how much medical scholarship in medieval Ireland was on a par with that on the Continent.” Ó Macháin discovered that an Irish scholar must have travelled overseas to train, and was impressed by Ibn Sena. They decided to work together and used a Latin translation as the basis for an Irish translation.


Because of the importance of the manuscript fragment to the history of Irish learning and medicine, they agreed that the binding be removed from the book by John Gillis of Trinity College Dublin (TCD).


Prof Ó Macháin is quoted as saying, “The use of parchment cut from old manuscripts as a binding for later books is not unusual in European tradition. This is the first time that a case has come to light of such a clear example of the practice in a Gaelic context.”


“The discovery and digitisation of the text was a scholarly adventure,” he goes on. “One of those occasions when many people, not least the owners of the book, were working together towards a common purpose for the cause of pure learning. It was a pleasure to have been able to make it happen and to have been part of it.”






If you want to learn more about this discovery then read more of the article from Independent!


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