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5×5: Women Horror Authors Share Their Wisdom

As we rush to sink our claws into our favorite monster tales before the ghostly season is over, these five horror authors are just the women to give us all the gruesome details about what is takes to write horror and why the genre matters.

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‘Interview With The Vampire’ TV Show to Begin Filming This Year

Sink your fangs into this, vampire fans. According to this article from NME a show based on Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles will begin filming later this year. The series is being adapted for Hulu with the direct involvement from author Rice and her son Christopher, scheduled to begin shooting sometime in September.

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Not much is know about the actual production yet but it should center on the vampire Lestat, the anti-hero protagonist of the book series and his partner Louis, who Lestat turns in the first novel, Interview with the Vampire. With Anne Rice’s direct involvement, fans should expect to see a faithful adaptation of the series brought to life on Hulu. We’re excited to ram a stake into this new show, which will be surely endlessly binge worthy. We’ll keep you updated on further developments!


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