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5 Sensational Books About Women In Sports

When you need a little inspiration, there’s nothing quite like picking up a sports book and reading those epic speeches, living vicariously through those epic moments, and reveling in the epic victories. And when you can relate to these fantastic athletes, the awesomeness is all the sweeter. Here are some books about women in sports for all the inspiration you could ever need.

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1. The Match: Althea Gibson & Angela Buxton: How Two Outsiders—One Black, the Other Jewish—Forged a Friendship and Made Sports History by Bruce Schoenfeld

This is a story about encountering prejudice and exclusion, and about an ultimate triumph. Althea Gibson, the daughter of sharecroppers who was born in the American South and grew up in Harlem, met Angela Buxton, the granddaughter of Russian Jews, at a tennis exhibition match in India. Despite their athletic prowess, they were excluded from the other tennis players at Wimbledon in 1956. In a truly remarkable and amazing story, they decided to team up and earn an epic victory. Seriously, go read this book!

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2. In the Water They Can’t See You Cry: A Memoir by Amanda Beard with Rebecca Paley

For an intense and heart-wrenching story, you need to read In the Water They Can’t See You Cry. This is the story of Amanda Beard, who won two silvers and a gold medal at the Olympics at just fourteen-year-olds. The pressure of the public eye, driven from a place of admiration and later sex, Beard struggled with mental health, depression, bulimia, and drugs and alcohol. In this book, Beard tells her story of finding strength within herself and learning to live. This raw and relentless story will utterly enthrall you. Go read it.

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3. Under the Lights and In The Dark: Untold Stories of Women’s Soccer by Gwendolyn Oxenham

Under the Lights and In The Dark is a compelling collection of stories about female soccer players from across the world. From the intriguing story of Portland Thorns player Allie Long’s training in an underground men’s team in New York City to the enthralling tale of English national Fara Williams hiding her homelessness from her teammates. And that’s just the beginning. For some truly inspiring stories about some definitely admirable women, Under the Lights and In The Dark: Untold Stories of Women’s Soccer will absolutely deliver.

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4. A Life Without Limits: A World Champion’s Journey by Chrissie Wellington

Chrissie Wellington is definitely a world champion, both in spirit and because of her epic win in the Ironman World Championship. A complete underdog and unknown in the press, Wellington took the sport by surprise with her skill and athleticism. A Life Without Limits is a really inspirational story about the incredible challenges Wellington faced on her journey and her resiliency in defeating them. Go check it out!

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5. On My Own Two Feet: From Losing My Legs to Learning the Dance of Life by Amy Purdy and Michelle Burford

This epically triumphant story is about Amy Purdy, who went from losing both her legs to bacterial meningitis at nineteen to winning a bronze medal for snowboarding and making it to the finale of Dancing With the Stars. Amy’s story is about resilience, big dreams, and finding faith in yourself when the world seems to be against you. Amy’s spectacular spirit and fearsome fortitude is truly inspirational, and you should definitely go read On My Own Two Feet: From Losing My Legs to Learning the Dance of Life!

When the world gets you down, go read one of these inspirational life stories of female athletes and their epic journeys. For stories of resiliency, spirit, passion, ambition, persistence, and strength, these stories are unmatched. Seriously, check them out!

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American Airlines’ First Female Pilot Has Written a Book!

Beverley Bass, the first female pilot to be promoted to Captain on  American Airlines, has written a picture-book autobiography for children!


A young Beverly Bass
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Beverly Bass’s story is an inspiration one, even though she never set out to be an inspiration. A native of Fort Myers, Florida, Bass, around the age of nine or ten, Bass saw a sign offering plane rides and set about raising the money. However, her aunt was staunchly against this and forbade her to go up into the air.

“I adored my aunt Ginger,” Bass later recalled, “and that was the only argument we had in our lives.”

However, her urge to fly stayed inside her. After graduating high school in 1970, Bass went to study Spanish and Interior Design at Texas Christian University. After her first year at university, it was 1971 and Bass began to learn how to fly.

According to her logs, she spent an astonishing six hours at the Fort Worth meacham airport each afternoon from 3-9pm each weekday.

One day, when Bass “had 300 hours of flight time,” she was asked to fly the body of a young woman to Arkansas for a mortician. Since 500 hours were required by the mortician’s insurance, the mortician had to secure a waive. He did, and Bass flew a single-engine Bonanza, an aircraft so small she had to step over the corpse to climb into the cockpit.

“I was responsible for everything in that plane, and it felt so empowering,” Bass later recalled, “I loved every minute.”


Bass in the cockpit
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Bass received a bachelor’s degree in May 1974. Two years later she moved to Dallas’ Love Field to fly canceled checks for banks, Fotomat film, and airplane parts, in order to build up more flight hours.

Frontier Airlines had hired its first female pilot in 1973, and she wanted to be the next one.


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But her day at Frontier Airlines wouldn’t come. Instead, come 1976, she landed an interview with American Airlines, nailed the simulator portion, passed the questioning process with flying colors, and at twenty-four she was American Airline‘s third female pilot.

Come October 1986 bass had risen through the ranks to become American Airlines’ first female captain. Quickly afterwards, Bass made international headlines when she led the first all-female crew in aviation history on a flight  from Washington, D.C., to Dallas, Texas.


Come From Away
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Since then, Bass has been portrayed in the play Come from Away, a Canadian musical written by Irene Sankoff and David Hein.


Theatre Q and A with Beverly Bass
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Set in the week following the September 11th attacks, the musical tells how Bass and thirty-seven other planes were ordered to land unexpectedly in the small town of Gander in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, as part of Operation Yellow Ribbon.

Lost, abandoned, 7,000 stranded travelers found hope when the residents of Gander housed and fed them.


Jenn Colella as Beverley Bass
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The play was first produced at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario, in 2013, but went on to have record-breaking runs at California’s La Jolla Playhouse and the Seattle Repertory Theatre in 2015 and at Washington, D.C.’s Ford’s Theatre and Toronto’s Royale Alexandra Theatre.

Come 2017, the musical opened on Broadway at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, and became a critical and box office success.

In October 2018, it became the longest-running Canadian musical in Broadway history, surpassing The Drowsy Chaperones previous record of 674 performances.


Me And The Sky
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Now, the real-life Beverly Bass, having since then retired, is set to published a book on September 10th about her life entitled Me and the Sky: Beverely Bass, Pioneering Pilot.

Co-authored by Cynthia Williams and illustrated by Joanie Stone, the book is geared toward readers ages 4-8. The book will explore Bass’ amazing life and tell of how “she went from an ambitious young girl gazing up at the sky to a groundbreaking pilot smiling down from the cockpit.”

Hopeful this gets many young readers believing that they can reach their dreams, no matter how high they might seem!




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