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7 Perfect Independent Bookstores from Across the Globe

If there’s one thing I love more than books it’s bookstores. And, if there’s one thing I love more than bookstores, it’s independent bookstores. Independent bookstores act as a sort of home. They’re the places you go when you want to get out of the house, but you also still want to sort of be alone.


And this is why it’s so very vital that we stand by, support, and shop at our independent bookstores. Our independent bookstores are small business that are constantly being threatened by the bigger, fortune 500 corporations; it’s up to us to keep ensuring that the corporations don’t win and that the independent stores are able to stay in business.


So, pop into your local indie bookshop this week and pick up that novel you’ve been dying to read!


And, check out these seven super-rad independent bookstores from all across the globe; who knows, maybe you’ll see your local shop on the list?


Housing Works – NYC


Housing Works

Image Via Boo York City


Housing Works is a beautiful place because, on top of offering every book under the sun within their shop, they are also an organization that helps provide housing, healthcare, and treatment to those affected with HIV/AIDS. (You can also rent out the bookstore for your wedding!)


Daunt Books – London


Daunt Books

Image Via Voyage Collective

This breathtaking shop opened in 1990 with one objective in mind; organize books by country rather than genre, so the reader can walk through the shop all the while traveling the world.


Women & Children First – Chicago


Women & Children First

Image Via Afar


This friendly feminist bookshop opened in 1979 and specializes in books by female-identifying and LGBTQ+ authors in all forms. They are one of the largest feminist bookstores in the world, containing more than 30,000 books!


The Book Lounge – Cape Town, South Africa


The Book Lounge

Image Via Your Local Book Shelf


This incredible little shop opened in 2007 and contains the most unique, eclectic selection of books. They also host story time every Saturday morning!


Leaping Windows – Mumbai, India


Leaping Windows

Image Via Homegrown


Leaping Windows was born of the idea to connect comic book lovers with all the books their hearts could possibly desire. They believe in the connection books cause between fellow readers, the power of imagination, and the ability to create a space for all to feel welcome.


Type Books – Toronto, Ontario


Type Books

Image Via Type Books


This adorable little shop believes in the written word, hosts events for authors and artists, and offers a wide variety of books under all genres. Check out their insanely beautifully curated window displays!


Flow Books – Hong Kong


Flow Books

Image via Hong Kong Free Press


This book shop opened in 1997 and, in the past twenty-one years, have seen more than half-a-million books flow through! 







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Man printing paper.

A 125-Year-Old Printing Company Is Closing Its Doors

Edwards Brothers Malloy, of the U.S.’s largest printers for books and journals, will, unfortunately, close its doors on June 15th. The company sent out a small email to its customers and put out a website notice last Thursday stating:


It is with heavy hearts we announce that Edwards Brothers Malloy will be closing our doors as of June 15.”


Furthermore, the email stated that as the company begins the process of shutting down its facilities it will continue to use its in-house staff to finish projects for customers. The company is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and has been in the printing business for 125 years. The company merged with Malloy Inc. in 2012 the company stated that its annual sales were about $115 million. Sadly, the company’s sales have dipped to under $100 million.


The company’s offset and digital operations were in eleven locations, but back in February, the company announced that they would consolidate all of their offset public operations into its Michigan location by the end of 2018. This decision caused the closing of one of the company’s offset locations on Lillington, N.C. 


The president of the company, John Edwards said that the company made this decision because of the declining demand for offset and the rising interest in its digital printing operations.  The last words of Edwards and Bill Upton, the Vice President of Operations spoke about how much they thank their employees and customers for support and how they have been the cornerstone of their 125-year history. 


Featured Image Via Shinola