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Comic Explores Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Life Story

US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a modern icon, a judge who has had untold positive impact on the United States’ justice system. Towards the end of last year, a biopic On the Basis of Sex was released, starring Felicity Jones and Armie Hammer, and now Bader Ginsberg’s life story is becoming a graphic novel!


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The novel is written by Debbie Levy, the New York Times bestselling author of the RBG picture book I Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Makes Her Markand illustrated by Whitney Gardner.


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Debbie Levy (writer) | Image via Debie Levy Books


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Whitney Gardner. | Image via Pop! Goes the Reader.


Becoming RBG follows Bader Ginsburg’s life from her childhood in Brooklyn to her days as a student, and later, a Columbia Law School professor, as a lawyer and on to her tenure on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. The book then details Bader Ginsberg’s appointment to highest court in the land and work as a Supreme Court Justice.


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Check out this Bustle article for a first look at the graphic novel!


The writing is rather simple (it is a children’s book after all), and the art is super endearing! Great for kids, or anyone interested in history who doesn’t have the time for a full-length feature film or reading a lengthy book.



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Iris Apfel

Fashion Icon Iris Apfel to Book About Being Fashion Icon

Iris Apfel, the now ninety-six-year-old fashion icon and interior designer has amassed quite a few stories in her decades working in the fashion industry and alongside the highest society in the USA, including nine of the United States presidents: Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, and Clinton.


Luckily for us, she’s releasing a book! It’s not exactly a memoir, though. She told WWD.com:


I didn’t want to do another coffee-table book, and I didn’t want to do a memoir — and I certainly didn’t want to do a how-to book. I find how-to books rather insulting. It’s not my place to tell you how to dress or what to do. I think it should be an individual matter. So I kept saying ‘thank you very much, but no thank you.’ And then a couple of years ago in one week I had three different telephone calls from three different publishers. And they all said, ‘What about doing a little book, musings, just what you’re thinking about. Just something for the youth market,’ because I do have a lot of young fans, and I said, ‘Gee, that sounds like fun.’


The book contains personal anecdotes and photos, which are guaranteed to be brilliant, considering how wonderful literally every photo ever taken of Apfel is. 


Image Via Architectural Digest

Apfel at home in her Manhattan apartment | Image Via Architectural Digest


“I’m a very private person, and I’ve always been known in my field and whatnot, but the accolades and this attention and this recognition, which is global now, is really quite something,” Apfel told WD. “I’m getting used to it, but I really enjoy my privacy. And of course, really intimate, private things we don’t talk about [in the book].”


What is addressed in the book, however, includes her first jobs after college, her relationship with her husband Carl Apfel, who died in 2015, just shy of his 101st birthday, the secrets to a long marriage, her interior design business and work on the  White House, among other topics. 


Image Via Mashable

Image Via Mashable


Apfel told WWD that she has felt the need to keep busy since her husband’s passing, and this Spring, alongside the book’s release, she will be working on a pop-up shop at Bergdorf Goodman, a Barbie doll in her likeness, jewelry and clothing collections for HSN, modeling and a line of porcelain jewelry. Phew! 


We can’t wait to get our hands on Accidental Icon


Image Via Fashionista

Image Via Fashionista


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