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Anthony Bourdain

“Anthony Bourdain Remembered” to Be published May 28.

Coming May 28th is a new book entitled Anthony Bourdain Remembered, which honors the late celebrity chef who brought so much so us besides food.


Cover of "Anthony Bourdain Remembered"

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This tribute book will be dedicated to American celebrity chef, author, and travel documentarian Anthony Bourdain who sadly died on June 8th, 2018 at the age of sixty-one. A humanitarian at heart, Bourdain is remembered in the hearts of his friends, family, and those he has helped. His wise words, “If I’m an advocate of anything, it’s to move…Walk in someone else’s shoes or at least eat their food,” conjure the image of a modern day Atticus Finch.

In October of that year, Mr. Bourdain’s last book, Hungry Ghosts, a graphic anthology and collaboration and short horror fiction and drawings by various different artists, complete with Mr. Bourdain’s savory recipes, was published by Berger Books.

Anthony Bourdain Remembered is to be published by HarperCollins imprint Ecco, the Los Angeles Times informs us.


Anthony Bourdain

People’s Magazine states that, “Daniel Halpern, president and publisher of Ecco, tells PEOPLE that CNN originally created the book as a “keepsake” for his daughter Ariana, aged eleven, and his estate later agreed to share the book publicly.”

The publisher’s web page for the book has, among other things, these heart-wrenching words:


Anthony Bourdain Remembered brings together memories and anecdotes from fans reminiscing about Bourdain’s unique achievements and his enduring effect on their lives as well as comments from chefs, journalists, filmmakers, musicians, and writers inspired by Tony including Barack Obama, Eric Ripert, Jill Filipovic, Ken Burns, Questlove, and José Andrés, among many others.


The books is available on pre-sale now. May 28th, the book’s release date, is only a week before the one year anniversary of Anthony Bourdain’s sudden death.



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Scary books

If You Like Books and Hauntings, You’ll Love These 6 Book Spots

Pretty much all things witchy, ghostly, and supernatural have interested me since I was a little girl, watching Charmed with my mom on the weekends. A secret between me and you: since Netflix, I’ve watched the entirety of Charmed six times over. I’m not a nerd. That’s not nerdy behavior.


So, naturally, once the topic of ghosts was pitched I was all about finding the best ghost stories on the internet, specifically those that take place in bookstores or libraries to combine two of my passions: books and ghosts. I’ve found six haunted bookstores and libraries with stories that keep me believing in the supernatural!


1. Haslam’s Book Store in St. Petersburg, Florida



Image Via TripAdvisor


This bookstore was established in 1933 at a house that was built prior, most likely in the 1920s. Many have reported books flying off the shelves and feeling a presence, including someone brushing up against them when there actually isn’t anybody around. People believe that the ghost of author Jack Kerouac, who frequented the store, is the one doing the haunting. He’d  always made sure his books were constantly on the top shelf. People have said that while there are definitely ghosts around, they seem friendly and, if anything, interested in what’s going on. Except for this anonymous poster who has vowed to never return.



Image Via Haunted Places


2. The Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana 



Image Via Wikipedia 


This library has been known as a true site for ghosts that even features an October ghost tour every year. The ghost has been named the Grey Lady and does all things you would expect from your average ghost like turning faucets on and off, flickering lights, and cold spots. This enthusiastic ghost lover chimed in:



Image Via Haunted Pages 


3. Peoria Public Library in Illinois



Image Via Glo


The story of this haunting is linked to a supposed curse of the land issued by Mrs. Andrew Gray after her home was foreclosed in 1830. It is said that the first three library directors died under mysterious circumstances and even after the library was demolished and rebuilt in 1966, many ghosts are still tethered to the land. Staff say that along with cold drafts, they hear their names being called in dark hallways and see the ghost of a previous director in the basement. One unenthusiastic patron said:



Image Via Haunted Pages 


4. Rochester Public Library in New York



Image Via Post-Bulletin


I am most excited about this one because it’s close enough to NYC that I can add it to my list of places to visit in the state. This library has been featured in an episode of Ghost Hunters because of reported noises, moans, and figures. One video camera even captured footage of a heavy door opening and closing on its own with nobody around. This ghost connoisseur tells of her experience at the library:



Image Via Haunted Pages 



5. Combermere Abbey Library in England 



Image Via Combermere 


This is a famous library that is said to be haunted because of an old picture that was taken of a room that seems to show a shadowy figure of a man sitting in a chair. Now, this one might be a bit of a stretch considering I know nothing about photography, let alone photography of the 1890s, but I believe it’s haunted because it’s cooler that way. The photo is below for any of you photo wizards who can attest to its history. 




…and a close up.



Photos From Anomalies 


6. Moravian Book Shop in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania



Image Via Poets and Libraries 


It’s no surprise that the oldest bookstore in America happens to also be haunted. That’s how things work: if the place is hold, it’s ghost-infested. Staff members have reported many sightings of figures who mysteriously vanish, one even saying that they believed there was a shoplifter running around the store, but when he asked other employees, none had seen the person. Many believe that the ghosts are friendly and a bit mischievous. Items in the kitchen go missing, but they promise that the ghost is just having fun as the items are always returned if they ask nicely. This staff member also shared a touching story about how a ghost might have saved the store. 



Image Via Haunted Pages  


Last thing: I haven’t read this book myself, but Tomes of Terror: Haunted Bookstores and Libraries came up a lot in my research so I’ve added it to my seemingly never-ending, constantly-growing list of books to read and you might want to too! 


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Anthony Bourdain

Anthony Bourdain Set to Release Spine-Chilling Food Comic

On January 31, 2018, the first issue of a new comic series titled “Hungry Ghosts” from Anthony Bourdain will be launched.


Co-written by Joel Rose, “Hungry Ghosts” is set to be a limited four issue series under the new line of comics called Berger Books. Though the series seems brief, each issue will feature a number of separate stories. It’s a unique structure, but, as Vulture explains, Bourdain has his reasons:

The series will be a riff on the Japanese Edo-period game 100 Candles, in which samurai would try to one-up each other with stories to freak each other out. Here, the tellers won’t be samurai; they’ll be chefs from around the world, and their stories will be united by their focus on food.

Switching samurais with chefs might give us some clue as to the tone Bourdain is trying to strike. Hopefully we can expect some of his signature dry humor and wry observations.


A black a white photo of Anthony Bourdain.

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Bourdain may be best known for his TV shows, but he’s no stranger to the book world. His bestselling “Kitchen Confidential” came out in 2000 and helped launch Bourdain’s television career. His first foray into the world of comics was 2012’s “Get Jiro!”


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