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5 Fictional Couples Who Set The Bar Too High

As if our expectations weren't high enough, these fictional couples really raised the bar for us. What's wrong with trying to find the Peeta to our Katniss?

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The One Where They Get Back Together: Friends, The Reunion

Have you heard the news? Fans have been waiting for this and now it’s finally happening. The cast of Friends is coming back together for a reunion episode that will premiere on HBO Max on May 27. As we get closer to the airing date, the stars of the show have been posting more about this anticipated reunion, and the fans are more excited than ever. So, while we wait for May 27, let’s talk about what we know so far.

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Is Your Dad’s Mid-Life Crisis like Don Quixote?

Happy birthday to Miguel de Cervantes! The Spanish author wrote one of the world’s most famous comedic novels back in 1605. To honor him and his work here is a quiz on Don Quixote that is hopefully as amusing as the book itself is.



feature image via “Don Quixote and Sancho Panza at a crossroad,” by Wilhelm Marstrand, 1847, Nivaagaard Museum, Denmark