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Hot Dudes Reading and Pretty Boy Must Die

This YA Novel Is Basically the Hot Dudes Reading Instagram Come to Life

We’re all fans of the Hot Dudes Reading Instagram account. We know this because every time we post an article on it, everybody goes nuts. We’re onto you. And it’s totally understandable. 


But imagine one of the hot dudes went viral—it’s not beyond the realm of possibility—and his cover as an undercover CIA agent was blown. Sound crazy? Well it is! A crazy good story…


See, that’s basically what happens to the main character Jake Morrow AKA Peter Smith, of Kimberly Reid’s new novel Prettyboy Must Die


A former-foster-kid-turned-undercover-CIA-operative, Morrow is snapped running by a classmate, who posts the photo online with the caption “See pretty boy run.” The photo goes viral, and now Jake’s in trouble—like, national emergency trouble.


Pretty Boy Must Die book cover Amazon

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Inspired by the #AlexFromTarget phenomenon, Reid’s new book plays on the possibilities, and potential consequences, of our obsession with social media, as well as being a thrilling tale of intrigue for the social media age.


Lamar Giles, author of Fake ID, has said, “Die Hard + Mission Impossible = this book. Say hello to your next favorite action hero.”


It sounds like he might be right! So next time you’re sneakily snapping a cutie on the subway, consider that you risk plunging him into a novel-length amount of trouble! 


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