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Adam Nevill’s ‘The Ritual’ Is the Netflix Adaptation You Shouldn’t Miss

Damp rainy days agitate people, I know. How do I make myself more comfortable, you ask? Well, unlike most people who would go to comedy shows for some relief, I prefer to watch a spooky film to make all my nerves feel reorganized.


Here’s my most recent “ritual” to get through the rainy week - The Ritual 




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Adapted from contemporary English writer of supernatural horror Adam Nevill’s The Ritual, the film tells a story about the reunion of a group of college friends planning a trip to the Swedish mountains to commemorate their friend Robert who died in a robbery accident. However, without warning, they end up deep within not the natural forests, but their darkest nightmares. Some unexplained things and forces come to the four, one by one. Are they born in this ancient forest? Or are they coming somewhere for someone…?





I think it’s better to be spooky spooky rather than dampy dampy! What do you think?

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