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5 of the Coolest Creatures in ‘Harry Potter’

The Harry Potter universe is home a myriad of imaginative and spectacular creatures, some drawn from folklore while others spring forth from J.K. Rowling’s own mind. These are some of the best monsters found in the pages of Harry Potter’s complex universe, from the big to the small.


1. House Elf


Dobby, a house elf, standing upright with his hands folded behind his back
Image Via Harry Potter Wiki

House elves are one of the most famous creations in the Harry Potter universe, an ever present part of the world since the second book, Chamber of Secrets. House elves are magical creatures that exist to serve, acting as servants for various households throughout the wizarding world. House elves have to obey their masters command, with their rules designating that they must obey any orders given. House elves take rules so strictly that they will punish themselves if they ever disobey an order. If a house elf is ever freed, they must be given close to do so but most elves view this as a deep punishment to seat loose. The most famous house elves in the series are Dobby, former servant of the Malfoys who befriends Harry and Kreacher, Sirius Black’s mistreated house elf. Honorable mention goes to Twinky, Dobby’s girlfriend, a depressed house elf who works at Hogwarts and was, tragically, omitted from the films.


2. Dementor


A picture of a Dementor, a wraith cloaked in shadows and darkness
Image Via Harry Potter Wiki

One of the most infamous and terrifying creatures in the Potterverse, Dementors feed on the negative emotions of others.  J.K. Rowling has confirmed the monsters were inspired by depression, and cause their victims to feel the complete absence of hope and good feelings. Dementors also have an ability called the Dementor’s Kiss, which allows them to drain the soul out of a person and leave them an empty shell. Dementors initially are the guards of Azkaban but later switch sides to ally with Voldemort, who allows them to feed on Muggle victims.


3. Acromatula


An acromatula, a giant spider, emerging from a hedge maze to attack two boys, Harry and Cedric
Image Via Harry Potter Wiki

Acromatulas are giant spiders, thought to be created through illegal wizard breeding and have a taste of human flesh. The most famous acromatulas is the character of Aragog, who Hagrid raised and released it into the Forbidden Forest. Aragog forms his own colony of acromatulas who dwell within the forest. Harry and Ron have a run in with the


4. Basilisk


A picture of the basilisk from Harry Potter, showcasing it as a giant snake-like monster
Image Via Harry Potter Wiki

A fearsome giant snake, the Basilisk was bred by dark wizards and is known as the ‘King of Serpents.’ The Basilisk can kill its victim if they look it in the eyes but indirect contact (such as seeing its reflection) will only petrify the victim, leaving them paralyzed instead of dead. Their venom is only extremely deadly, only able to be cured through Phoenix Tears. The Basilisk’s famous role comes as an antagonist of The Chamber of Secrets, where the ghost of Tom Riddle releases it from the titular chamber upon Hogwarts. No one is killed by the monster, only Petrified, before Harry confronts and slays the Basilisk in a showdown inside the Chamber.


5. Thestral


A thestral, a skeletal looking horse, carrying Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour
Image Via Harry Potter Wiki

Thestrals are winged horses, with skeletal-like bodies and large bat-like wings. They are seen as omens by the Ministry of Magic because they can only been seen by those that have witnessed death. Harry, Luna, and Neville are some of the students who can see them due their traumatic pasts. In actuality, thestrals are intelligent and able to discern friend from foe. They aid Harry and his friends multiple times, often being used as methods of transportation across vast distances.

What are some of your favorite Harry Potter creatures? Let us know!



Image Via Harry Potter Wiki

J.K. Rowling Tweets About the Unsanitary Truth of Hogwarts

After many announcements this year, J. K. Rowling is at it again, revealing the secrets from Harry Potter that we didn’t know we needed! Or do we…?


Needless to say, Harry Potter has always been relevant given its extremely popular status and its huge movie franchise. But another way that Harry Potter has managed to stay in our everyday newsfeed is the use of the Pottermore Twitter account that gives us all the out-of-the-box details about our favorite wizard and his adventures.


The Pottermore Twitter account tweeted this weekend, on National Trivia Day nonetheless, that “Hogwarts didn’t have any bathrooms. Before adopting Muggle Plumbing methods in the eighteenth century, witches and wizards simply relieved themselves wherever they stood, and vanished the evidence. #nationaltriviaday”.


picture of tweet

Image Via Twitter



While the idea is an interesting one, many HP fans were NOT impressed.



From constructive criticism:



image of tweet

Image Via Twitter

To spells of their own:



photo of tweet

Image Via Twitter 

And even some friendly advice:



image of tweet

Image Via Twitter


Needless to say, no matter the protest from many fans, this tweet is here to stay and we kind of wish it wasn’t.




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‘Fantastic Beasts’ Brings Us Back to Hogwarts in New Featurette!

The Fantastic Beasts sequel is now returning to Hogwarts and way before Harry Potter entered its halls. A new featurette centers on the return to Hogwarts and reveals that the location used for Hogwarts exterior for the Harry Potter films is the same one that they are using for Fantastic Beasts. Cool, right?


Now, what might not make sense is how Hogwarts fits into the new installment of the series since the sequel will mostly take place in Paris. Although, since young Dumbledore is set to be a vital part of the film it makes sense for the story to show Newt’s time at Hogwarts and his friendship with Professor Dumbledore.


'Fantastic Beasts'

Image Via Zodab


Since the main villain of the sequel will be the dark wizard Gellert Grindelwald, it’s important to show the early connection between Grindelwald and Dumbledore and how that connection has changed over the years. In addition, Dumbledore needs Newt’s help in tracking down Grindelwald and ending his plans to rule over wizards and muggles.


It could be possible that Hogwarts and other wizarding schools could be featured again in future Fantastic Beasts films since J.K Rowling has three other films still set to come out in the series.


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald will magically appear in theaters November 16, 2018. 




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Lego’s 2018 Harry Potter Hogwarts Set Allows You to Build Your Own Wizarding World

The Potterverse is still expending. We all know that Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, the 10th movie in the Wizarding World, will soon be in the theatre this year, blowing the next peak of 20-year-old magic wind. Now, HP fans can enter the magic world not only from novels and films but also from the Lego’s latest Hogwarts castle sets.



Image Via LEGO


Image Via LEGO


Image Via LEGO


Image Via LEGO


Image Via LEGO



As you can see, this is a delicate castle. HP fans can find every detail that was in the novel and film adaptations: shifting stairs, flying key rooms, the chamber and the creature, the hall, the Whomping Willow and more! The cutest thing here is that we can say ‘hello’ to four Hogwarts founders: Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Rowena Ravenclaw, and Salazar Slytherin.





Image Via LEGO



Image Via LEGO



In addition to Hogwarts, LEGO also provides other classic scenes such as the Hogwarts express and the dementor, Quidditch and the Goblet of Fire… The list goes on! 



According to Justin Ramsden, the LEGO designer, the new castle is built in micro scale rather than miniature scale. That means the doors and windows are smaller than original settings you can see in the movies. With this new Reducio, players can have more amazing architecture techniques to use and more space to build their own world!






Can’t wait to buy one and have funnnn! Click here to see more details about the Hogwarts sets.




Featured Image Via LEGO

hogwarts castle

Hogwarts Voted #1 Among Top 10 Castles Children Want to Visit

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was chosen as the number one castle children most want to visit even though it doesn’t technically exist at all.


English Heritage, a non-profit organization who manages, and helps celebrate, historic buildings in England recently did a survey where they asked 1,000 children between the ages of six and sixteen to name their top ten castles they most wished to visit (if they could).


Perhaps unsurprisingly, over half of the answeres listed fictional castles, some of which include iconic Disney princess castles such as Cinderella’s castle. In a surprise twist, however, Hogwarts bypassed Cinderella’s castle as well as historical sites like the Windsor Castle and was voted number one.


Kate Mavor, chief execute of English Heritage, said that the reason why Hogwarts likes topped the list instead of the very-real castles children can actually visit is because of their exposure to castles on screen rather than in person.


“We are in danger of creating an ‘iCastle Generation’ of kids who have only ever seen a castle on a screen,” Mavor said. “Today’s children are increasingly likely to catch their first glimpse via TV or film rather than in real life.”


The survey seemed to backup Mavor’s comments, as it found that 60 percent of children’s earliest memories of castles were through their exposure to television, film, and books including Harry Potter, Cinderella, and Frozen. Though the children who voted for Hogwarts unfortunately can’t visit the real deal, they can see a very realistic Hogwarts at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios. 


In the meantime, check out which castles – fictional and real – made the list!


Top ten castles children want to visit:


1. Hogwarts | Harry Potter


2. Cinderella’s Castle | Cinderella


3. Elsa’s Ice Palace | Frozen


4. Beast’s Castle | Beauty and the Beast


5. Edinburgh Castle | Edinburgh, Scotland 


6. Castle Doom | Marvel Comic Books


7. Far Far Away Castle | Shrek


8. Windsor Castle | Berkshire, England


9. Dover Castle | Kent, England


10. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle | Sleeping Beauty


Featured Image Via Playbuzz