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Nine Fun Items in the Wizarding World

Throughout the books, readers encounter various examples of wizarding culture. What follows is a list of miscellaneous objects that Harry encounters throughout his time at Hogwarts.

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All the Reasons Why Ravenclaw is the Best House

Happy Ravenclaw Pride Day, fellow Hogwarts students. While Gryffindors are known for their bravery, Slytherins for their ambition, and Hufflepuffs for their hard work and kindness, we Ravenclaws are known for our intelligence. As one of the two less popular houses, Ravenclaw is not often talked about. That’s unfortunate because Ravenclaw is the best house. Here’s why.

1. Luna Lovegood is  Ravenclaw

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Luna Lovegood deserves her own list as to why she’s the best character in Harry Potter, but that’s a different story for a different day. Luna is a quintessential Ravenclaw, wise and original. She was known for her optimism (braving constant teasing from other students and the loss of her mother with a smile on her face), her uniqueness (her defining character trait is quirkiness), and her sense of friendship (like when she comforts Harry after the death of Sirius Black).  Luna is a beloved fan favorite for a reason. And us Ravenclaws have bragging rights to say she’s one of ours!

Other cool Ravenclaws include Professor Flitwick, Padma Patil, and Cho Chang.

2. Our core values are wisdom, creativity, originality, and acceptance

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Ravenclaw is known as “the smart house,” While it is true we’re known for our intelligence, what’s more important to us is wisdom, how we apply our knowledge, and our intelligence. We also value creativity and thinking outside the box. Originality and acceptance are two other traits that we value. What makes you different is what makes you special, and it is an asset.

3. The Ravenclaw common room is the coolest

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In true Ravenclaw fashion, you have to solve a riddle to get into Ravenclaw tower. But once you get in, it’s gorgeous. Furnished and decorated in the house’s blue colors, the night sky is reflected in the domed ceilings. How cool is that? The Ravenclaw common room also has its own personal library, which, while not as big as the school’s library, has about the same amount of books. It also apparently has the best views of the castle grounds. Ravenclaws truly lucked out with common rooms.

4. We speak our minds

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Ravenclaws are also known for being quite blunt. Luna Lovegood, for example, always spoke very matter-factly. She admitted that another beloved fan-favorite, Hagrid, was “not a very good teacher” and broke the news to Ron that Padma Patil didn’t like being his yule ball date. Other Ravenclaw students sided with Cedric Diggory over Harry Potter during the Triwizard Tournament, openly admitting that they thought Harry did something to get into the tournament.  Sure, being brutally honest isn’t always the best thing, but you can always count on a Ravenclaw to give it to you with candor.

5. ravenclaws are intuitive

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A lot of the time, people who value knowledge and wisdom also have intuition and are deeply empathetic. Ravenclaws play close attention to the world around us, and we can often read our friends like we read a book.

So, Ravenclaws be sure to rep your house with pride, not just on Ravenclaw day, but every day.

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