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5 Things I Do Not Want to Read

I like reading. It’s one of my favorite pastimes. Love a good book as much as the next person. I like short stories too, magazines on occasions, articles, opinion pieces, reviews. I even like reading the graffiti on bathroom doors. There are things, however, that I do not want to read, some of which are as follows: 


1. Someone else’s favorite book


Via Mashable

Via Mashable 


Them: “…and THAT’S why it’s my absolute favorite book in the whole world ever.”


Me: “Oh cool, I’ll definitely put it on my to-read list.”


*next time I see person* 


Them: “So I brought you that book, let me know what you think as soon as possible, I’m dying to know!”


No. That is not in keeping with my plan, person I may have liked once but now loath. I have a very strict reading schedule and if I deviate from it, the whole world will crumble. How do you not know that? 


2. My bank transactions


Via Giphy

Via Giphy


Nothing like reading through the many, many ill-advised transactions wich have resulted in a nice ‘minus’ sign in front of my balance (or lack thereof) to start the week the right way.


3. 4am text from guy who ghosted me


Via DeGrassi Wiki

Via Via DeGrassi Wiki


“Hey Laura, it’s [person who ghosted me two months ago]. Sorry for the late night text but let me know if you want to meet up.” 


No thank you.


4. The lyrics to the shit song you wrote last night, guy I just met at a bar


Via Giphy

Via Giphy


Him: “So what do you do?”


Me: “I write for a–“


Him: “Oh you write? Me too. I write songs actually. Yeah, I’m a songwriter. It’s a pretty good way to get my thoughts in order. I wrote one last night actually, now that you mention it.  I have it here in my iPhone 7 notes. Have a look. I was trying to really capture the essence of the city, you know, like the soul of it. What do you think? It probably sounds better when it’s sung. Okay, here goes…”


5. Lengthy Facebook statuses about your fitness journey


Via Tumblr

Via Tumblr 


“Hey guys, so I’ve been a bit nervous about posting this [crying laughing emoji] but I felt the need to share my journey so far with you…” *cue fourteen paragraphs plus photos.


Why. Why did you feel that need, girl I met a house party when I was sixteen?


6. Your blog


Via ReactionGifs

Via ReactionGifs


Get outta here.


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