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Bernie Talks Harvey Instead of Book Release on CNN


Rather than promote his latest book, Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution, Bernie spent most of his airtime on CBS This Morning stressing the importance of standing together as a nation, especially during this time of crisis in Houston and throughout the Gulf Coast. 


Bernie Sanders

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“People don’t appreciate, unless you’re there, talking to the folks that have been impacted, what it means to lose the home that you lived in your whole life, that you lived in the day before. How are you going to rebuild it? Are you going to rebuild it? Where do you go?”


Sanders understands the struggle the citizens and Senators of Texas are experiencing; Hurricane Irene devastated Vermont in 2011, with damages totaling $730 million after 11 inches of rain. Houston has reported between 40 and 50 inches with more still to come.


“Look, it’s hard. Put yourself in the place of the Governor, preparing documentation. It has to be done efficiently, it has to be done rapidly. Now, right now, the immediate task is to make sure that we save lives, we protect people, that there are emergency shelters. The day after, that’s when we think about how to rebuild Houston. When you’re talking about bridges and roads and homes and people suffering, we have got to stand with the people.”


Released this morning and already a #1 Best Seller on Amazon, Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution is a political guide and call to arms for young adults in today’s America, regardless of political affiliation. 


Cover, Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution

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“Millions and millions of people are giving up on our democratic institutions,” he said. “They don’t vote, they don’t get involved, they don’t know how to get involved. And what I think we need as a nation is for tens of millions of people — young people, working people, people who historically have not been involved in the political struggle — to get involved.” 


Sanders is positive about the optimism within this generation and generations to come. “I have seen these young people stand together, it’s a beautiful generation of young people, and what we want to do is see them get involved in the political process. This book provides the tools to do that.” 


We don’t know what the future holds for us, but Sanders is confident the current American system needs reform “beyond the stagnant agendas of Democrat and Republican politicians to build an equitable future for all Americans – especially the younger generation that will inherit the consequences.”


Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution is the map you need to understand and navigate the United States’ current system of policy and government so you can affect change that reflects your values, whatever they may be.


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