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Hilary Mantel’s ‘The Mirror and the Light’ Finally Has a Release Date!

Good news for fans of Hilary Mantel! Her final historical novel, centered around protagonist Thomas Cromwell, completing the trilogy of works around the life of the famous English statesman, according to The Guardian. The first two novels were titled Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodiesthe first novel charting Cromwell’s rise to greatness, while the second began to show the situation that would lead to Cromwell’s real life execution. The final novel, entitled The Mirror and the Light, will cover the final four years of Cromwell’s life, leading to his death by beheading in 1540.


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It’s been eight years since the last segment of the Cromwell story, so it should come as no small release to fans to see that publisher HarperCollins has officially announced that The Mirror and the Light will debut in early 2020, March to be exact. For her part, Hilary Mantel said she had a ‘long journey’ with her protagonist and hopes that readers will see his life through to the end as she has. The publisher has noted the final novel is every bit as engaging as the first two, being immersive and casting a new light on politics through the novel’s themes. The novel plays out like a relationship between predator and prey, as Thomas finds himself losing allies, surrounded on all sides, as the clock ticks closer to the inevitable as the year of his death looms on the horizon.

Mantel answered a few questions from fans, including whether she had trouble killing off her longtime protagonist. In response, she said:


“People ask me if I’m having trouble killing off Thomas Cromwell. No, why would I? It is 10 years’ worth of effort and it is lovely to have the encouragement of people who are waiting for it, but that’s why I want to deliver them something that is the very best.”

Well, it certainly feels like the author is committed to ending the series on the best possible foot and sticking to her guns! This is sure to be a huge release when it comes next year. Are you excited? Tell us!



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‘Strange Planet’ Webcomic Lands a Book Deal

Any devoted fan of Nathan W. Pyle’s viral webcomic series Strange Planet will probably agree — these eye-candy toons are laugh-out-loud funny, and just one is never enough.

Entertainment Weekly announced today that HarperCollins Publishers will publish a book based on the Strange Planet series by creator Nathan W. Pyle in the fall. In the book, readers will find comics they know and love well in addition to never-before-seen content.




Pyle made it big with a simple idea. In the world of Strange Planet, colorful aliens comfort and support one another while making extremely simplified allusions to their surroundings. One of the most well known comics depicts two blue alien creatures against a bright pink background; one of the creatures is obviously crying. In an effort to console the other, one alien requests a “mutual limb enclosure.” Even more upset now, the crying alien says “You are absorbing my face fluids.” The other alien is again unfazed: “Let me absorb, let me absorb,” it says.

Even if Pyle’s personal and religious beliefs have earned him criticism from fans and the media, his comics certainly resonate. (Pyle recently found himself in hot water on Twitter when fans discovered his support of the March for Life movement.) But he insists his own beliefs do not interfere with the art he creates. Pyle has a massive following online — more than two million followers on Instagram alone — and his doodles were recently featured on the LinkNYC kiosks in Manhattan which are large, interactive, LED-lit boards intended to welcome tourists to the city and provide additional resources for city residents.




Despite the writer/artist’s sometimes controversial private life, however, his online renown can only hint at the response his book is due to receive.

For more information on Pyle, click here. You can pre-order your copy here.



Will Smith Brings ‘Fresh Prince’ to New Kid’s Book

The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air was one of the most memorable sitcoms of the 90s and launched Will Smith into superstar fame. Now he’s bringing his character back for a new generation of kids.

Entertainment Weekly reported that Smith has partnered with author Denene Millner for a new children’s book titled Fresh Princess. It tells the story of Destiny, a young girl with a big personality who moves to a new neighborhood where nothing is the same for her. Despite the big change, Destiny is determined to inject fun into every situation. It follows a similar plot to the Fresh Prince series.


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The book is part of a three-book Smith has made with HarperCollins Children’s Books. The pictures will be illustrated by Gladys Jose.

The book will go on sale April 2nd. It is available for pre-order now.



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